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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Testimonial From Kelly Raia - Davie


I am writing this letter to educate you about something happening in your very own community that needs to end immediately. Fairwarning the content herein may stir your emotions and may even make you a little ill, it certainly turned my stomach. Now operating in Fort Lauderdale, a dog rescue “group”, or rather, its owner Diana Peters, is keeping dogs in deplorable conditons. There are neumerous code violations, the dogs are infested with ticks and worms, she adopts them out without proper vetting, and there are just a few of the claims we have received from former volunteers or good people like us who only wanted to help. I decided it was time to write this when I found out that dogs are dying on her watch, and then she buries them in the back yard.
I became interested in this group when looking to adopt a dog last year- I searched for local rescue groups and found ‘Death Row Dog Rescue” on facebook with a rather large following. I wanted a pit bull or some type of pit mix, and thought given the title, this group may have a few. I went out to one of their adoption events, and just started to get familiar with what they were doing. I was also looking for a cause to lend my time to as I missed volunteering, I was thinking this would be a great way to get involved. 
Not long after, I noticed a post on craigslist about this organization and how they were collecting money for dogs not in their posession. I did not really understand and blew it off as internet chatter. In March, Diana Peters posted that she needed fosters, urgently, because her property was being sprayed routinely for pesticides and needed the dogs off site. We decided this was a commitment we could make, as she was asking volunteers to take dogs for a week only. We went to pick up a brindle mix but when we got there she would not come near us or Diana. I’ve been around animals a very long time and it was clear that the pup had not been socialized with other dogs or people properly. We noticed a beautiful bull terrier in a yard all by herself. That was a signal to me that the dog may have some issues, but I wanted to inqure about her. Diana seemed to know nothing about the dog. 
She assured me the dog was fully vetted as all her animals were but that she needed a bath. We took Lady for a walk around the block and we were on our way home. As I gave her a bath I noticed a multitude of ticks, and proceeded to groom her appropriately. I then noticed that her skin was in terrible condition. It wasn’t just dirt- we aren’t sure what it was but it looked like she had rashes all over her hind legs and near her shoulder area. We wouldn’t even let her on our furniture after that. 
The next morning, I was totally disgusted at what happened. We had given lady a sheet and a comfortable spot next to our bed on which to sleep. Upon rising to take her out for a morning walk, I noticed a stinging sensation on my toe. I looked down and FREAKED out because there were 200 to 300 worm larvae all over the sheet and my floor. I took the dog out to the back yard and cleaned up my house. Totally grossed out and not sure what to do, I call Diana who assured me someone would call me and bring me some medicine for the dog. That did not happen for another 36 hours. This is when Terry came into the picture- We were supposed to meet up with him to get some medicine, and he was the most impossible person to contact. I proceeded to call around other rescue groups and vets to try to see if someone would see Lady for a reduced fee as I was volunteering, etc. My husband meet up with Terry and got the medicine, like I said 36 hours later. 
In the meantime, we were enjoying our time with Lady. I was working on teaching her basic obedience commands and getting her to walk on a leash without pulling. I would walk her more often then other dogs because I felt she needed more socialization skills. 
On day 5 of our week long visit, Lady bit one of our neighbors dogs in the face. My husband was already fed up, I had been a little more patient, but I knew that this was it- it was time for Lady to go back to the rescue. We called Diana to explain that due to the overwhelming health issues and the increasing amount of behavioral issues we would have to bring her back two days early. We live in a very small neighborhood and our neighbors were not happy at all with what happened. 
Diana flipped out on us saying “I can’t have the dog back here! You agreed to keep her!” on and on. We explained that we signed up to help for a week but feel that this was not the best situtation for us any longer. No matter how much we wanted to help, the reality was we had bitten off more than we could chew. After several back and forth phone calls between Diana, Terry, my fiance and myself we finally said if you can not provide us with the support we need, and you will not take Lady back, we will be forced to bring her to the humane society. Diana started screaming at us and told us if we do she will call the cops and have us arrested and thown in jail. 
My fiance got on the phone and explained that we were not her family members, we were not long time volunteers, we were not dog handlers, we were simply people who followed her on facebook and knew that we could make a small commitment to help. When we recieved a dog sicker than what we knew what to do with, recieved absolutely NO support from the rescue to help this poor dog, and were then treated with such unprofessionalisim, I knew that this was not a legitimate business operation. 
Thankfully we recieved a phone call about 10 minutes before both of us had to be at work and we were to drop Lady off at ‘The Dog House’. I took her there, spoke to the owners and felt very comfortable with the help they were going to provide. I tearfully left Lady there- wishing that our financials were in a better place and that we could’ve kept her and got her the help she needed. She needed dog rehabilitation and veterarnary care and we unfortunately were not in a position to provide it at that time. 
I called to check up on her a week or so later and the owners said she was doing great! I continued to follow up and they said they would get in touch with bull terrier rescue and get her a home. I found out a few months ago she was there for over a year! 

When I was frustrated with Death Row Dog Rescue, I tried to reach out for support. I called a few other rescues when I had Lady and their reactions when I told them where she came from surprised me. I started doing research and found one post on Rip Off Report about money that was stolen by Ms. Peters. I tried to contact them to no avail. I started the facebook group in hopes that if anything else happened, someone would be able to find me and we could start to build a case. I started the group in April of 2011, in September 2011 I was contacted by Sheri Manfredi and started to hear things about Death Row Dog Rescue that I WISH were untrue. 
I knew pandora’s box had been opened. Here we are today with so many testimonails from others who have had a similiar experience. We have realized this is a National problem, not just isolated to this one organization and we have set out to Stop Diana Peters and Death Row Dog Rescue. We also have members working on an informational website to help people choose reputable organizations to rescue from, donate to, or volunteer their time.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Veterinary Medicine - What Services Require a State of Florida License

What services require a State of Florida license?


Veterinary Medicine means diagnosing the medical condition of animals and prescribing, dispensing or administering drugs, medicine, or treatment of whatever nature for the prevention, cure or relief of a wound, fracture, bodily injury, or disease thereof; performing any manual procedure for the diagnosis of or treatment for pregnancy or fertility or infertility of animals; or representing oneself by the use of a title, or undertaking, offering, or hold oneself out, as performing any of these functions.  The term also includes the determination of the health, fitness, or soundness of an animal.
These items are offered as examples of services you do need to hire a person with a Florida license and services you do not need to hire a person with a Florida license.  The list is not all inclusive.  If you have specific questions, please contact the department at 850.487.1395 or review the rules for the profession at http://www.myfloridalicense.com/.  You should also check with your county or city to learn whether or not a local business tax receipt or certificate of competency is required for services that do not require a state license. Please visit ourUnlicensed Activity page to learn more about how you can help us combat Unlicensed Activity.
Needs a License
Does not need a License
Treatment or diagnosis of an animal.         
Treating the ills or injuries of animals you own.
Immunization or treatment of diseases of animals that are communicable (can be transferred) to humans.
Grooming or boarding unless performed at a veterinary clinic.
Farriery and manual hand floating of
teeth on equines (horses) if hired by an owner.  Examples of farriering include equine hoof care, the trimming and balancing of a horse's hoof and the placing of shoes to the horse's foot.
Dispensing of drugs to animals.

All the highlighted above... Diana Peters does with dogs in her care.  She has publically stated this.   Dogs have been denied vet care, and have died in her care.
No creature should suffer a slow painful death. Its inhumane and abusive. Part of being a responsible rescue includes veterinary care for sick and injured animals.
       Diana Peters does not hold a veterinary license in the state of Florida!



Testimonial From Sandra Dezelan - Davie

Dianna Peters and Terrance Rosenburg are total scam artists.

As soon as met them. I actually contacted my niece the assistant DA 

in Pittsburgh Pa., friend on the Delray Police Dept,paid to run a back

 ground check on both.Dianna Peters & Terrance Rosenberg,contacted 

the Broward, Dade, &  Breverd County Shelters to see what they knew of 

them.  I took a dog out of her place when she was in Davie with a 

broken pelvis.  My husband is a veterinarian and we paid for everything 

including  but not limited to ,digital xrays ,specialist veteranarian visits 2

 times, blood work,neuter,yearly vaccines,monthly flea & tick prevention,

heartworm prevention,etc until I adopted him out.  Then, I GAVE him to 

friend !!! 

Even though I am a rescue we got nothing back just satisfaction he was 

out of Dianna Peters hands!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Testimonial from Sherri Manfredi - Oakland Park(FT Laud) Ex- Volunteer

About Diana Peters Save A Death Row Dog / Death Row Dog Rescue / Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc  9/2/11

My name is Sherri Manfredi  and  we met Diana Peters in May in a beach motel we are staying in between moves .her room a few doors down from ours.  our move date keeps changing but thats another story in its entirty that has nothing to do with this matter .  Our daughter quickly fell in love with the puppies Diana Peters had. first 2 lab pups charley and marley ... then it was another dog ....then came Dolly and her puppies. mom a cockerpoo that was tick infested and her white coat black. the pups would come out to eat and romp in the plants. our daughter became the "puppy sitter' and would watch them and play with them.  it seemed strange at the time how every couple days Diana would change their age and make them older as they were eating she then began adopting out of motel room.  she had no contracts just a receipt book, telling people that came that all her things were in storage she would get to them.   even took them to a bar to try and sell.  we adopted our girl Lilly from her the runt of the litter that had suffered a head injury before pulled from a homestead home she said.  a piece of wood dropped on her head and she had been unconscious and they thought she would not survive.  we still have not received the contract which i am thankful for ...    the pups were adopted out with no contracts,  and  the mom went to a local person in the dog rescue community that is using her as a model. a good home.   She promised to spay Lilly at 5 months and  the past few weeks  have been waiting.  said planned pethood didn't call her back.  3 dogs were to go, Lilly, Sunshine (a homestead field mother she adopted her pups out )  and  Cassie  .   well no appointment was made.    when she rented a house in oakland park she moved in, we helped her.  my daughter bonded with her  and we looked up to her work of saving dogs.  she tells a great story and is a great manipulator.   We knew she was a little cooky but thought that was part of her charm.  knew she was scattered but thought it was from too many dogs and being overwhelmed.   knew her records and non existance books were a mess.. but wanted to help her.   All summer long until  August 29  I spent endless hours helping this woman. everything ended up in circles and you couldn't sit her down and get her organized.  a friend of hers pulled dogs out of MDAS for her and came to care for dogs, (papers in this other womans name)  and made med charts etc and told diana we are keeping records where anyone can see then you won't have problems like before.  she soon stopped coming.  one of the dogs died a slow death.  Tino was his name a chihuahua mix.  he was neutered and his area red swollen, and splitting open.  he soon stopped eating and would lie in one area in the kitchen.  she then put him in a cage in spare room and said she was caring for him.  never took him to vets.  Tino died.  she said she paid $65 for a vets to take and cremate.  but later when puppies died  she said she was burying in yard by Pino she called him. (pino was a chi in foster)   she said buried between the fences so other dogs wouldn't get to.  we did yardsale fundraisers, adoptions, craigslist posts, got her volunteers.  made her an adoption video. on and on.  took sick puppies home with us to nurse to health and they died. one Marco i ended up taking to vets.  2 she said she sedated.(dude and dudette)  and Marcy i brought to her and she said taking to vets...came back with body and put in her freezer. did Marcy ever make it to the vets..this should be investigated. (she said she took her to Dr Darko's)  my gut says somethig different now after hearing her stories.   and  she ended up saying they died because she vaccinated too young.  she adopted out 2 of the puppies that died also. 2 families crushed and stuck with large vet bills.    I did it all, and we spent day in day out at her home helping  and when i came back i was still working on things we thought of her as family a pseudo grandma for our daughter who is without one.   Aug 29 i could not in good conscience continue as alot of facts came to light i was unaware of.  I became suspicious after i caught her in a lie on facebook  over gas money for dogs coming from GA.  we spent all day and night trying to get transporters for these 14 or so dogs and pups.  asking for donations for gas.   well she got donations in.  next morning POOF  no dogs coming.   first told me on phone the lady i spoke to day before that called my cell from NY  took all the dogs  ???   ok i believed it relieved these dogs were saved.
then when i got to Diana's home she said I lied to you.  the lady doesn't have the dogs ???    i didn't understand why the lie.  i now assume because i had the womans phone number I wish i had kept it.  she said the lady hope that we were working with that gets dogs out of there  offered to pay $125 to our transporter for gas.. she now said Hope made a mistake none of the dogs we chose were there.    but on facebook, she didn't clear that fact up.  she didn't tell the ones who donated that we weren't getting the dogs.   she acted like we had them.   this made me uncomfortable.  i didn't agree....  it should be up to the person to decide if they want to let her keep money or not.   then she started trying to get dogs from Broward through another person... no one would pull for her.    she wanted puppies for the adoption events.    i started questioning things like her lack of accountability of funds.  we did fundraisers/ sales took in donations and she would take money out and buy cigarettes, groceries pay rent, cable, water, fpl.  NOW i told her Diana you have to keep track of what is coming in. as a 501c3 you have to account where funds go. she didn't realize i had past experience with 501c3's. and helped set.   she said no bernadette said not to worry about it we don't take in enough money.  I said it doesn't matter, people who donate are supposed to be able to see where funds go.   as a 501c3 you can pay salaries (to yourself or staff) you can pay bills that fit criteria, you can keep 20%  profit, you can use for advertising and fundraising but you have to show where each penny goes.  i reserched further... becoming increasingly skeptical of her stories.   on the 26th she posted Polly and her Pups  and begged for help with their boarding.   when she didn't respond to Chipley volunteers about the status ... i got concerned and sent her an emai on 8/28  questioning it.   Originally her pal Terrance Rosenberg (Have a heart rescue) was getting on the 20th  and then he wasn't anymore.   so i questioned was he getting now are they on way?  i couldn't post response as i didn't understand.   i have her response.   calling them idiots and stupid she never said she was boarding Polly. made up a ficticious worker Judy .  pulled her facebook post and refused to refund money to those who asked for it. i needed her to respond on facebook and tell the truth  how could i help her when she was blatantly taking money under a false pretense, under a dog and her pups on deathrow.   she lied.   i was crushed.  wow i believed in her and  my family did.   and worse how would i tell my daughter .   Diana had been using our computer for 2 months.  on the morning of the 29th i told her i needed it back that day as our laptop was going in for repair.  she threatened me she needed it.  dogs would die without her having it.  ???  HOW  she hasn't pulled from a death row line in how long?  she is banned.  she goes on and on with her Tony Robbins empowerment quotes,  tells how she saves the dogs, and they die without her.  maybe at one time that was true, i don't know.  but she was lying now. i watched her lie to two volunteers about Polly and told one that she was in GA...  no she wasn't. she sent 2 puppies fresh from Josh Augostinie supposedly from homestead fields, to the Pet Expo at Miami beach, no shots no vet check  could carry desease or pick up there from others.  she wanted to take the 2 4 week old pups i had  at time there too. they were just starting solids/wet food.   i said absolutely NOT.  they had no shots. had infection on feet and tails and were too young to adopt out  their lives would not be put in danger. her big quotes  put your big panties on, and  if it was easy , everybody would be doing it.    i left there in the rain that day with my computer.  i sent her emails i had from volunteers i was organizing,  send her things i had on emails  i meant no ill will.   i just wanted out .   i was not bashing her  i was not hurting her.  she left threats on my phone.  then the threats started last night from her dirty dog provider Joshua Jose Agostinie..   this lady is nuts i want nothing to do with her or her so called rescue that violates so many regulations and codes.   i could not be part of her false pleas on facebook or continue to fundraise for her when the money did not go to dogs.    I called the police last night after his threats and I pray this is the end of it.  If not....  thats fine  I am now in the open and will show proof to anyone who questions it.   I will support this group and go public.  she hurt me and my family and  doesn't do right by the dogs.  she doesn't go to any of her own events always backs out of them and hides. now i know why... so many in community know of her and her sickness.   do dogs need to be saved, yes. but the right way and with medical attention.  her facebook page as well as website quotes how she saves dogs daily from death row lines at MDAS - How i ask i never saw it and she is banned .  you can go back on  her page how she would thank me for all i did, and see my posts on her page.   I am ashamed i helped this woman  and i'm sorry for the dogs she lets die in her care.   i always thought she was nice but needed help.  I was there i helped and she is crazy and takes advantage of others hearts... Thats a con... and i am ashamed i let myself, child and husband be conned by her.

Please note this was written on 9/2/11  and alot has transpired and come to light about Diana Peters and her rescue in the last 2 1/2 months.   We have endured 2 1/2 months of harassment from Ms Peters after standing up for the dogs, and the people she scams.  
It is an incredibly disheartening situation as I continue to see Ms Peters posts dogs she doesn't have and collect donations illegally.     This will be updated soon. (thank you)


*RED ALERT* WARNING: *DNR*&*DNF* - DON'T LET HER RESCUE: DIANA PETERS - Death Row Dog Rescue, Oakland Park, Florida (US)

by *AVOH* BLACKLIST of ANIMAL ABUSE on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 1:31am



Anonymous 9/23/2010 facebook messge

Email of DRDR page post 9/23/2010  by Z 

**All of the below is allegedly of course. Please feel free to do your own research 

for the truth.. Unlike some people I would hate to allegedly lie. 

Let’s play a guessing game. First question- how long for this post to be deleted?

Answer it doesn’t matter I already private messaged it to everyone! Ha! Second 

question- how many more dogs are sitting in the tick trap waiting to die from 

illnesses? Hang on let’s count.. allegedly there is heart murmur, heart worms, un 

ascended testicle, open surgical wound that was left untreated, god knows how 

many with lyme disease from all of your pet ticks.. should we go on???? Next 

question- how many different city violations are you allegedly breaking (let’s do 

this one off the top of my mind) hmmm well I cheated and looked at 

Broward Reporting Animal Issues

Let’s see hmmm.. well you definitely allow animals to live in allegedly unsanitary 

conditions (anyone who has been within a block radius of your “ranch” knows that 

it reeks to high hell), allegedly leaving animal’s medical conditions to go 

untreated… now Diana if I had to guess I would say that this is your specialty, 

failure to provide an animal with adequate shelter-check, allegedly maintaining a 

location where animals fight.. now Diana a personal question here- would you be 

the same Diana who allegedly walks around with a “no-no” jug because of dog 

fighting and allowed a volunteer to be bitten in the middle of a dog fight in the 

past month? I think you are! What about that allegedly “small” little tick problem 

you have, if memory serves me here you allegedly call them raisin ticks because 

the ticks are so big.. can we say lyme disease? All together now l-y-m-e disease,

hmm Diana what do you think the County would say about your tick problem. 

Here’s some advice, maybe next time you change your organizations name you 

should say you are a “tick farm”.. I mean you have enough. Maybe people do not 

know that this is at least the 3rd name you have operated your “rescue “aka scam 

under. Want me to keep going? I have a feeling you don’t. Such a shame that I 

was never very good at following directions. 

I feel like talking about some of your special little white lies. I’m thinking we 

should start with your alleged nonprofit organization status.. well actually I think 

I’m technically talking about the alleged lack thereof. Everyone ready to make their 

tax deductions? Oh right.. you can’t.. allegedly. Enough picking on you for the 

little things… those are only alleged federal offenses if my suspicions are correct.. 

which I’m pretty sure they are allegedly. Now for your fanpagefreakintastic 

internet marketing campaign, or as I like to call it your spam aka alleged little 

white lie numbero dos (thought I would do a throw back to your days in Miami, 

you know before you allegedly got thrown out of that city and all). Let’s see how 

many of those dogs advertised on the internet are actually available and in your 

possession. Well there is a picture of Hennessy who is in the possession of 

another rescue and also Robbie who was adopted, and then King who was 

adopted (contrary to popular belief.. who by the way never belonged to DRDR) 

and that leads us into our next question.. How many dogs have you recued from 

MDAS lately? Allegedly none because oh yeah allegedly you were never contracted 

to pull dogs from them. 

Hey Diana, one final question in today’s economy that your hard working fans 

who deserve to know where their money is going when they donate to your 

alleged non profit organization.. So Diana where does this money go? We know it 

doesn’t go to vets because well frankly most of the sick dogs don’t receive alleged 

medical treatment, yet alone from a licensed vet. Yes we know you stay up 24/7 

giving them your self made nebulizer treatment yada yada yada yawn, med school 

is for a reason Diana, likely the same reason vets can charge a lot for their 


Hmm so you think adoptions slowed down because Ellis is out of town. Maybe 

you and your “head volunteers” should look through the dirt and into the mirror to 

see that people are onto you just like those blood sucking ticks you are so proud 

of (once again this is alleged). 

In closing, who really is the rotten apple here? You, who allegedly committed all of 

the above or me who you claimed would dump my dog. Let’s get something 

straight Diana, I would never dump my dog.. and I would rather stab myself in 

the eye then let her near you, yet alone end up in a place like your “rescue”. All 

animals deserve a better faith than that.


Hopefully you can see that people are on to you and changes need to be made

Testimonial from Anonymous (J) - DRDR Davie Location

For a few months, my daughter and I were contemplating on getting a new dog. I have always had rescue dogs so it was just natural to look around and find rescues in our area. I wasn’t really ready to adopt just yet and felt maybe we could volunteer to put it off for a while. I was unemployed and didn’t feel like that was a responsibility I should take on at the time. Well, I stumbled upon Death Row Dog Rescue in Davie. I thought that might be convenient since we live in Davie too. I called the “ranch” and spoke with Diana about volunteering. She seemed in a rush and very harried, but said to stop by any time we wanted to. Well, we did very shortly after that phone call. What we found was horrendous! The dogs were all running free, big ones, little ones, sick ones… the back door was always open and they came in and out freely… the baby pool was filled with filthy water… We went inside and the smell could knock you down! We jumped in right away! Sweeping, mopping, watering, feeding, playing, doing laundry… there was feces and urine everywhere! It was on the floors, on the walls, on the furniture, in boxes, and on piled up clothes in the house and in the garage. You would clean one room, but because the dogs had feces and urine on them, they would just track it around. Whenever we left there, we put garbage bags over the seats in the car so we would not ruin them and removed our shoes so not to get anything on the rugs in the car. We had to shower immediately once we got home as our feet were filthy and probably had some remnants of feces and urine from all the dogs jumping and playing on us. At times it was so bad that we would strip our clothes off in the doorway and drop them right into washing machine! It was just horrible.

In the middle of August 2010, we fostered a 12 week puppy. You might recall the puppies labeled as the “Krome Avenue puppies”. My daughter had fallen absolutely in love with her! Since she was a puppy around all those big dogs, she was always trampled on! This was around the time with Midnight (who was returned back to Diana twice), Robbie, Jet, Tristan, and Bear. I agreed to the foster on the stipulation that when she got bigger, she would have to go back because we are not allowed dogs over 25 pounds where I live. Diana could not locate her file and pretty much said to just take her because she trusted us (I’ve heard her say that to everyone!). I asked her if she should be on meds that I needed to continue and how she remembered who she gave what if she couldn’t find her files. She just kind of blew me off with her fluttering around and her constant gibberish. Anyway, she gave me pills (Panacur maybe??). She also needed a shot, which I can’t remember what it was for though!! I think I tried to block that period of time out of my life! Anyway, she said she only had one left and asked if I would go to the feed store there in Davie to get the medicine (it had to be refrigerated if that helps knowing). I went, paid for it, and she promptly took it and put in her refrigerator. She took out a DIFFERENT vial and gave the puppy her shot. Well, I thought something was fishy so I swiped the vial. I actually never looked at it for about a week or so. When I finally did, I realized that the vial expired in 2001… 10 years ago!! 

Needless to say, after I realized the vaccine expired 10 years ago, I took the puppy to my vet. She had worms, fleas, ticks, kennel cough, and pneumonia. Between all the vaccinations, x-rays, preventative meds, Orkin to treat the house for fleas, and a humidifier, my out of pocket cost was over $2000 (yes, that says $2000, NOT $200)… if you recall in the beginning of this letter, I did say I was unemployed… As a side note, I had paid to have her spayed.

I have not seen the newest location, but based on the previous location, Death Row Dog Rescue has no business being in business! All the dogs lived in the house and just all thrown together in between 2 rooms where they would all fend for themselves. I have read in the past about her fence being broken and how the dogs were getting out and near the canal.

Testimonial from Anonymous (N)

The reason I was there was because through someone else I saw her 

facebook page. It was when I got into rescue and thought what she was 

doing was wonderful. I went to donate things for the dogs, because I did 

not want to donate money since I had never met her. I took a lot of 

food, flea and tick sprays and shampoos, and a few other things for the 

dogs. Diana was very grateful and gave myself and my boyfriend a hug 

thanking us. Overall, she was very nice to us, but I could tell that she 

was in way over her head!

I ended up staying that day for more than an hour, nearing 2 hours. 

When we first arrived, we had to be very careful where we stepped. 

There were dogs everywhere, therefore you can imagine just how much 

poop there was. It was clear that the dogs also had fleas and ticks, to 

the point where I was a little afraid to get too close because I also did 

not know what else they had and was scared of bringing anything home 

with me as at that time I had one dog of my own at home. Diana then 

proceeded to take us inside to see all the others. My goodness, the 

smell was pretty awful. There were dogs everywhere, and by 

everywhere, I literally mean EVERYWHERE! She even had make-shift 

beds for them in cabinets. Others were in child playpens, and others in 

cribs. There really was no actual quarantine. And again, had to be very 

careful of where to step. Dogs/puppies were in these tiny bedrooms 

walking around on top of their own pee and poop. They were dirty and 


I really did feel sorry for her. She seemed a little crazy, but I think her 

intentions in the beginning were really about saving dogs. I believe that 

she got in way over her head, and started seeing the other 'benefits' 

that "rescuing" dogs could bring her. It is unfortunate that this has gone 

on as long as it has. With that said, I have never gone back there, nor 

have I ever donated again. And when I was ready to rescue another 

dog of my own, I sure as hell didn't get it from her rescue, but instead 

went straight to my local shelter, MDAS.