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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Testimonial from Sherri Manfredi - Oakland Park(FT Laud) Ex- Volunteer

About Diana Peters Save A Death Row Dog / Death Row Dog Rescue / Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc  9/2/11

My name is Sherri Manfredi  and  we met Diana Peters in May in a beach motel we are staying in between moves .her room a few doors down from ours.  our move date keeps changing but thats another story in its entirty that has nothing to do with this matter .  Our daughter quickly fell in love with the puppies Diana Peters had. first 2 lab pups charley and marley ... then it was another dog ....then came Dolly and her puppies. mom a cockerpoo that was tick infested and her white coat black. the pups would come out to eat and romp in the plants. our daughter became the "puppy sitter' and would watch them and play with them.  it seemed strange at the time how every couple days Diana would change their age and make them older as they were eating she then began adopting out of motel room.  she had no contracts just a receipt book, telling people that came that all her things were in storage she would get to them.   even took them to a bar to try and sell.  we adopted our girl Lilly from her the runt of the litter that had suffered a head injury before pulled from a homestead home she said.  a piece of wood dropped on her head and she had been unconscious and they thought she would not survive.  we still have not received the contract which i am thankful for ...    the pups were adopted out with no contracts,  and  the mom went to a local person in the dog rescue community that is using her as a model. a good home.   She promised to spay Lilly at 5 months and  the past few weeks  have been waiting.  said planned pethood didn't call her back.  3 dogs were to go, Lilly, Sunshine (a homestead field mother she adopted her pups out )  and  Cassie  .   well no appointment was made.    when she rented a house in oakland park she moved in, we helped her.  my daughter bonded with her  and we looked up to her work of saving dogs.  she tells a great story and is a great manipulator.   We knew she was a little cooky but thought that was part of her charm.  knew she was scattered but thought it was from too many dogs and being overwhelmed.   knew her records and non existance books were a mess.. but wanted to help her.   All summer long until  August 29  I spent endless hours helping this woman. everything ended up in circles and you couldn't sit her down and get her organized.  a friend of hers pulled dogs out of MDAS for her and came to care for dogs, (papers in this other womans name)  and made med charts etc and told diana we are keeping records where anyone can see then you won't have problems like before.  she soon stopped coming.  one of the dogs died a slow death.  Tino was his name a chihuahua mix.  he was neutered and his area red swollen, and splitting open.  he soon stopped eating and would lie in one area in the kitchen.  she then put him in a cage in spare room and said she was caring for him.  never took him to vets.  Tino died.  she said she paid $65 for a vets to take and cremate.  but later when puppies died  she said she was burying in yard by Pino she called him. (pino was a chi in foster)   she said buried between the fences so other dogs wouldn't get to.  we did yardsale fundraisers, adoptions, craigslist posts, got her volunteers.  made her an adoption video. on and on.  took sick puppies home with us to nurse to health and they died. one Marco i ended up taking to vets.  2 she said she sedated.(dude and dudette)  and Marcy i brought to her and she said taking to vets...came back with body and put in her freezer. did Marcy ever make it to the vets..this should be investigated. (she said she took her to Dr Darko's)  my gut says somethig different now after hearing her stories.   and  she ended up saying they died because she vaccinated too young.  she adopted out 2 of the puppies that died also. 2 families crushed and stuck with large vet bills.    I did it all, and we spent day in day out at her home helping  and when i came back i was still working on things we thought of her as family a pseudo grandma for our daughter who is without one.   Aug 29 i could not in good conscience continue as alot of facts came to light i was unaware of.  I became suspicious after i caught her in a lie on facebook  over gas money for dogs coming from GA.  we spent all day and night trying to get transporters for these 14 or so dogs and pups.  asking for donations for gas.   well she got donations in.  next morning POOF  no dogs coming.   first told me on phone the lady i spoke to day before that called my cell from NY  took all the dogs  ???   ok i believed it relieved these dogs were saved.
then when i got to Diana's home she said I lied to you.  the lady doesn't have the dogs ???    i didn't understand why the lie.  i now assume because i had the womans phone number I wish i had kept it.  she said the lady hope that we were working with that gets dogs out of there  offered to pay $125 to our transporter for gas.. she now said Hope made a mistake none of the dogs we chose were there.    but on facebook, she didn't clear that fact up.  she didn't tell the ones who donated that we weren't getting the dogs.   she acted like we had them.   this made me uncomfortable.  i didn't agree....  it should be up to the person to decide if they want to let her keep money or not.   then she started trying to get dogs from Broward through another person... no one would pull for her.    she wanted puppies for the adoption events.    i started questioning things like her lack of accountability of funds.  we did fundraisers/ sales took in donations and she would take money out and buy cigarettes, groceries pay rent, cable, water, fpl.  NOW i told her Diana you have to keep track of what is coming in. as a 501c3 you have to account where funds go. she didn't realize i had past experience with 501c3's. and helped set.   she said no bernadette said not to worry about it we don't take in enough money.  I said it doesn't matter, people who donate are supposed to be able to see where funds go.   as a 501c3 you can pay salaries (to yourself or staff) you can pay bills that fit criteria, you can keep 20%  profit, you can use for advertising and fundraising but you have to show where each penny goes.  i reserched further... becoming increasingly skeptical of her stories.   on the 26th she posted Polly and her Pups  and begged for help with their boarding.   when she didn't respond to Chipley volunteers about the status ... i got concerned and sent her an emai on 8/28  questioning it.   Originally her pal Terrance Rosenberg (Have a heart rescue) was getting on the 20th  and then he wasn't anymore.   so i questioned was he getting now are they on way?  i couldn't post response as i didn't understand.   i have her response.   calling them idiots and stupid she never said she was boarding Polly. made up a ficticious worker Judy .  pulled her facebook post and refused to refund money to those who asked for it. i needed her to respond on facebook and tell the truth  how could i help her when she was blatantly taking money under a false pretense, under a dog and her pups on deathrow.   she lied.   i was crushed.  wow i believed in her and  my family did.   and worse how would i tell my daughter .   Diana had been using our computer for 2 months.  on the morning of the 29th i told her i needed it back that day as our laptop was going in for repair.  she threatened me she needed it.  dogs would die without her having it.  ???  HOW  she hasn't pulled from a death row line in how long?  she is banned.  she goes on and on with her Tony Robbins empowerment quotes,  tells how she saves the dogs, and they die without her.  maybe at one time that was true, i don't know.  but she was lying now. i watched her lie to two volunteers about Polly and told one that she was in GA...  no she wasn't. she sent 2 puppies fresh from Josh Augostinie supposedly from homestead fields, to the Pet Expo at Miami beach, no shots no vet check  could carry desease or pick up there from others.  she wanted to take the 2 4 week old pups i had  at time there too. they were just starting solids/wet food.   i said absolutely NOT.  they had no shots. had infection on feet and tails and were too young to adopt out  their lives would not be put in danger. her big quotes  put your big panties on, and  if it was easy , everybody would be doing it.    i left there in the rain that day with my computer.  i sent her emails i had from volunteers i was organizing,  send her things i had on emails  i meant no ill will.   i just wanted out .   i was not bashing her  i was not hurting her.  she left threats on my phone.  then the threats started last night from her dirty dog provider Joshua Jose Agostinie..   this lady is nuts i want nothing to do with her or her so called rescue that violates so many regulations and codes.   i could not be part of her false pleas on facebook or continue to fundraise for her when the money did not go to dogs.    I called the police last night after his threats and I pray this is the end of it.  If not....  thats fine  I am now in the open and will show proof to anyone who questions it.   I will support this group and go public.  she hurt me and my family and  doesn't do right by the dogs.  she doesn't go to any of her own events always backs out of them and hides. now i know why... so many in community know of her and her sickness.   do dogs need to be saved, yes. but the right way and with medical attention.  her facebook page as well as website quotes how she saves dogs daily from death row lines at MDAS - How i ask i never saw it and she is banned .  you can go back on  her page how she would thank me for all i did, and see my posts on her page.   I am ashamed i helped this woman  and i'm sorry for the dogs she lets die in her care.   i always thought she was nice but needed help.  I was there i helped and she is crazy and takes advantage of others hearts... Thats a con... and i am ashamed i let myself, child and husband be conned by her.

Please note this was written on 9/2/11  and alot has transpired and come to light about Diana Peters and her rescue in the last 2 1/2 months.   We have endured 2 1/2 months of harassment from Ms Peters after standing up for the dogs, and the people she scams.  
It is an incredibly disheartening situation as I continue to see Ms Peters posts dogs she doesn't have and collect donations illegally.     This will be updated soon. (thank you)

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