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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Testimonial from Anonymous (N)

The reason I was there was because through someone else I saw her 

facebook page. It was when I got into rescue and thought what she was 

doing was wonderful. I went to donate things for the dogs, because I did 

not want to donate money since I had never met her. I took a lot of 

food, flea and tick sprays and shampoos, and a few other things for the 

dogs. Diana was very grateful and gave myself and my boyfriend a hug 

thanking us. Overall, she was very nice to us, but I could tell that she 

was in way over her head!

I ended up staying that day for more than an hour, nearing 2 hours. 

When we first arrived, we had to be very careful where we stepped. 

There were dogs everywhere, therefore you can imagine just how much 

poop there was. It was clear that the dogs also had fleas and ticks, to 

the point where I was a little afraid to get too close because I also did 

not know what else they had and was scared of bringing anything home 

with me as at that time I had one dog of my own at home. Diana then 

proceeded to take us inside to see all the others. My goodness, the 

smell was pretty awful. There were dogs everywhere, and by 

everywhere, I literally mean EVERYWHERE! She even had make-shift 

beds for them in cabinets. Others were in child playpens, and others in 

cribs. There really was no actual quarantine. And again, had to be very 

careful of where to step. Dogs/puppies were in these tiny bedrooms 

walking around on top of their own pee and poop. They were dirty and 


I really did feel sorry for her. She seemed a little crazy, but I think her 

intentions in the beginning were really about saving dogs. I believe that 

she got in way over her head, and started seeing the other 'benefits' 

that "rescuing" dogs could bring her. It is unfortunate that this has gone 

on as long as it has. With that said, I have never gone back there, nor 

have I ever donated again. And when I was ready to rescue another 

dog of my own, I sure as hell didn't get it from her rescue, but instead 

went straight to my local shelter, MDAS.

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