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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Answer to Diana's Question : Let's All Ask These "Haters-A Question- What are they doing to help???


     Note:  this was answered on face book back to Diana Peters, from Sherri Manfredi

 Diana you can not pull dogs from Miami Dade or Broward so I am not sure why she would even reference them.
Many people on the DRDR is a scam page are involved daily with helping animals in need.
How many I have tried to help today I can not say, as I do not sit there and count and pat myself on the head as you do. but I can assure you I have avidly tried to save lives today, as I do every day so they can have a chance to love and live.
I do not believe being a hoarder, denying vet care,projecting yourself in your posts into others efforts, and taking credit for others work, and living off of donations
like you are doing is beneficial to your local rescue community. So I can say I do not do as you do. I prefer to not be a scammer.
I have 4 rescued animals surrounding me right now and lets see I cook food from scratch for them to insure they aren't eating garbage and fillers in commercial food, I pay for their food, toys and treats, frontline, heartguard, $455 in vetting this week alone , I cross post and share many many animals and rescues on a daily basis, I donate to various chip ins and rescues as I am able, and I am an avid advocate for animals.
I think you flatter yourself when you list numerous volunteers of your illegal rescue you run, but as usual you are again lying to them as you continue to spread your lies on the scam page and elsewhere. You should learn to keep your promises.
no need to shove your garbage in anyones face, what a classy lady. But are you dillusional or have you forgotten on many occassions people have agreed to meet with you and specific documents were requested. to date you post none of these anywhere on any of your numerous facebook pages, websites (oh i mean website),the various rip off reports, scam reports on you or any other pages. why not post them in your notes or your truth page where this above note was posted ????
I am not lying and I have shown proof - i suggest you do the same. is the goverment agencies who you are not registered with lying too? Is it a big conspiracy again you? If you believe this, then I suggest you get some mental health care.
again you mention Miami Dade and Broward.... you can't pull dogs from there. lets me honest Diana many dogs that you've had in your greedy clutches have been from other places, and NOT vetted.
lets see Diana please show vet records for Tino who you denied vet care for when he was sick and died . yes he was examined at MDAS before Diane Wiggin brought him to you, but when his neuter site got red and inflamed, and he grew sick and sicker each day can you please provide vet records for this time in his young life.
can you produce spay and vet records for Cassie who Terry Rosenberg brought you this past summer.
Can you produce vet records, and a spay record for Sugar before she was adopted out in August?
Can you produce vet records for Marco, Marcy, Dude, Lilly, Pixie, and Moose Sugars babies - 2 which you adopted out sick and ALL have died ???
(c'mon i know at least you can show for Marco as I pleaded with you and took him to Dr Darko ) I would like to see the vet record where they pts Marcy as I have doubts she ever made it to the vets in your evil hands.
please show us your Veterinary license to dispense meds to these dogs you self treated with drugs from your closet and Terry Rosenberg.
please show vet records for Sunshine and all her puppies which were adopted out, lets see vet records for Luna and her puppies (who were covered in tar (a toxic substance you say was on them, when you surrendered them??? ) I recall Terry Rosenberg saying for you to take them to the vet. I would like to see the vet records for Odie(aka Bear) who was Heartworm Positive . I would like to see your vet records for Jo Jo and Fancy, I would like to see the records for Brutus (AKA Boomer) who you said was a full bred Weinereiner and Josh would bring his papers and his vet records which never came and never went to his adoptive family. oh and after we took him to Pet Supermarket with no vet or shot records people pointed out he was not a Weinerainer so you decided he was a Weinerainer mix. Would you be suprised to know he is zero percent Weinerainer. I want to see vet records for Bailey (aka Marley) I would like to see Vet records for my dear Lily whom I adopted from you, and those of her brothers and sisters and mother Dolly (aka Diva ) along with all of that litters adoption records as you gave NO ONE contracts . Vet records for Buddy, Dolly and Molly, and all other dogs you had at the blue lagoon. Now for all the female dogs and puppies be sure that you have their full records with their spay and neuter records too.

I would also like to see records/receipts for tick and flea medications, and heartworm meds for the dogs you have had in the past 2 years.

So rant on Diana about MDAS having a vet check. we all know you can't pull dogs from MDAS .

you rant on about all dogs at MDAS being vet checked, but you go on to continually .

and to answer your question. YES I would take a dog I pulled from the pound to the vets to insure they are healthy before bringing them into my home with my other animals. When I adopted dogs from Broward I did take them to the vets. Now I am sure donators would rather you use donations to take dogs to a vet - then to let them die while the donation goes to your bills, Donators should not be paying for your cigarettes, wine, cable, rent,, etc
Diana you constantly slam MDAS and Broward for not taking care of their dogs and how unhealthy they are. Why do you not quarantine dogs who come into your care before you put them with all the other dogs? why do you risk all of them ? other rescues do this. Do you think its a good idea to take a new puppy into your care and directly send it to an event? without quarantine to see if they are carrying any desease ? You are careless and reckless and have no regard for dogs health. Its not a numbers game Diana .
Why do you run an illegal rescue? why are you not registered with the DOA so you can legally accept donations? why are you not registered with the IRS as a non profit as you state you are ? Why do you choose to not have the dogs in a safe correctly zoned building? Why do you lie and scam donations? these are just a small sampling of questions I have for you.
If you want to save dogs, do it in a responsible fashion that ensures their health and safety. they are not safe if you are housing them in a small 2 br rental home that is residentially zoned and you are only allowed 3 dogs in.
you endanger them by your wrecklessness.
I am unsure of what you are trying to when you mention your donation to the your rescue was only $100. and we do remember you have no income, that is your choice not to work. if you choose to work for the rescue then you should be receiving a Paycheck and paying taxes like the rest of the USA . Not just wrecklessly paying your way through life with monies collected for dogs in need. so thank you for once again pointing out what money you have been living off of. I am sure the IRS would be interested to know you fail to file your income with them. Out of your pocket ??? HA you boast how you ran up credit cards and didn't pay them as if you are proud to rip them off. you collected over 2000 adoption fee's and lots and lots of donations of money and items you sold to get more money that went to ... YOU. Oh and yes Diana about my Lily her mom Dolly and her 6 littermates could you tell me just where they were from. As you told me they were from Mirta Maltes, and she has assured me she did not get them to you. and Dolly the mom - you told her new owner that you found her in a dumpster. funny her and her puppies you gave different came from stories. I assume you lie so much you have no recollection what the truth is . The sad truth is Diana you prefer to boast and brag and lie your way . the truth is today i am home with a sick child, and after spending $455 at the vets this week, and donating $$ to other dogs, I do not have the funds nor the space to take in a dog from a pound today. Does this make me a bad person? in your eyes most likely. But I would rather give my 4 rescues a wonderful life, and support real rescues, and cross post for them, and donate when i can then operate an illegal, immoral, unethical rescue as you do or waste my time, money and life helping a scammer like you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Polly and her Pups falsely used to collect donations! Facebook Fans DUPED by so called rescue!

Polly and her Pups falsely used to collect donations! Facebook Fans DUPED by so called rescue!

by Sherri Manfredi on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 9:32am
Polly and her pups sat schelduled to die at Animal Control of West Florida why Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue pimped their picture out on Death Row Dog Rescue's facebook page asking for help in form of donations for boarding costs for these sweet babies she saved.   

ALL LIES!!!!   Hundreds of dollars were donated towards boarding of Polly and her sweet pups to DRDR .... and facts proved Ms Peters was not able to pull Polly, she never even tried.   Friends of Chipley volunteers saw her posts and and commented that there was no holds on Polly & pups please contact the people who could ensure Polly and Pups safety.

How is this saving dogs Diana Peters?  How ?  lying, taking in donations via facebook and paypal with false information. 
Shame on you for exploiting this mother dog and her puppies as that sat waiting to die.  

this was Diana's original post (you be the judge) ....  

Please if you can donate even $5.00 we can keep the Life-Line going for these sweet babies

Please if you can donate even $5.00 we can keep the Life-Line going for these sweet babies--They all need so much when I pull them out of the Death Row Line at local Pounds--My place is so full and I am now Boarding them for I just can not stand back and let them go "Down"! They deserve a chance-Please helpe to give them a chance--Love to you all--Diana


 ·  ·  · August 26 at 2:02pm · 

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    • Diana Handwerker So Sweet!!!! Just donated what I could! Do you ever need donations of supplies? If so where can I drop these?
      Friday at 8:24am ·  ·  2 people

    • Kim Cantara Donated from Massachusetts and shared!!!
      Friday at 9:07am ·  ·  2 people

    • Phyliss June Rinis Myers Diana what about volunteers
      Friday at 9:09am ·  ·  1 person

    • Jill Sivert Can't tell, is she a pit or a Lab?
      Friday at 9:11am · 

    • Sally Fairchild And we love you, too, Diana, for all that you do!
      Friday at 11:39am · 

    • Amber West Doesnt matter what breed she is! she needs help! poor babies!
      Friday at 1:42pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Death Row Dog Rescue Oh Yes I truly need volunteers to help get everyone ready for tomorrow--Big Pet Expo at Miami Beach Convention Center--Just call me or just come to 3310 N.W. 21 Ave.-Oakland Park 33309--Love you all-Diana
      Friday at 2:57pm · 

    • Carrie Fuller Diana are you pulling these babies and Mom? Just wondering as I work pretty close with this shelter ..Did you contact Belva or Sue Bruce yet ?
      Friday at 5:28pm · 

    • Ann Spalding Please provide me with an address to mail a donation. Thank you.
      Friday at 8:04pm · 

    • Michele McClellan Futch I sure hope you are adopting these sweet babies! Monday is their last day. I will be watching for an update on Chipley's wall to hear the good news! One rescue has already fallen thru. Please don't let this sweet Mama and her babies down!
      Friday at 10:37pm · 

    • Sharon Schwab Kohen wish I could help but work .... Diana is Jolly still with you ?
      Friday at 11:03pm · 

    • Sherri Manfredi Yes she still has Jolly - Sherri Manfredi
      Yesterday at 6:25am · 

    • Linda Drzewiecki-Frazier I volunteer at Chipley shelter where Polly and her pups are and they are still in danger and have NO RESCUE taking her. Please contact me if you are seriously taking her and can get them to you. We are in Panhandle and this is a 12 hour ground transport. Diana, we need to talk as to why you are taking money when the shelter knows nothing about you. Thank you for responding.
      13 hours ago · 

    • Linda Drzewiecki-Frazier Where are you boarding THEM as they are still at the shelter? I am confused.
      13 hours ago · 

    • Linda Drzewiecki-Frazier Polly and her PUPS are at the Chipley shelter without any committment or anyone wanting to save them. They are in danger and any money sent to Death Row we are not responsible as to where it goes as we have never heard of Death Row Rescue or Diana. There must be some misunderstanding. Chipley shelter is not involved in this.
      13 hours ago · 

    • Dogspired Beautiful dog and cute puppies, shared
      4 hours ago · 

    • Joe Manfredi hmmmm
      2 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Michele McClellan Futch 
      I volunteer with the CHipley shelter and foster for them. This is a SCAM! DO NOT DONATE! The dogs are still in Chipley, FL. This rescue has not contacted the shetler and they are not boarding them. If you would like to verify this, you can...See More

      12 minutes ago · 

here is when i emailed her about them to try and find out what was going on...  she did not respond to anyones posts ...just kept collecting donations....


Sherri Manfredi to Diana
show details Aug 28 
Hey Diana -

 a couple things.  and i am sorta upset at the moment and need some clarafication. 

i see posts for polly and her pups    when did terry get them?  or are they coming ???   i see friday you posted you are boarding them...  then there are people who posted you don't have them they are being killed tomorrow.  are we? or do we have them?, or are we getting them from Terry? - so i can help with posts and  put out the fire that is burning on our facebook page?    it looks pretty ugly right now.   please reply asap   my cell is dead  i have it on the charger  i am working hard  and trying to get fundraisers going and i don't need people who are going to support us to see this and think badly of us.  we need to respond and clarify.   PLEASE   I can't respond i don't know what is going on.   they are slashing you on your facebook page

and Diana's response:   

dpestate@bellsouth.net to me
show details Aug  28 

just got off the phone with 3 of the idiots from Chipley--Terry was pulling them and wanted me to help to get them in here and Foster them--that is what I was trying to do--If the people had read the postings carefully --it did not say for this exact Mom and pups--we just asked for any type of donation for help with many--i just put that same photo up for Terry said they still did not have a adopter for them--They could have just called me but no one did--this lady Michelle and her friend Linda are fruitcakes and liars--they told Terry that they called me several times and no response--never happened--I did talk with the Pound there-Judy and she really filled me in on these 2--If you happen to see "shit" like this --before I can get to it--Please just delete it quickly and bann them from our site--sometimes I am so busy I can not get on there fast enough--Relax today and never forget--If it was easy to do what we do-"Everyone would be doing it!!" Not many are My Dearest Friend--Love ya Diana

Diana Peters
Save a Death Row Dog - life, love, friendship

i sent this to Belva Vaughn 
Sherri Manfredi to acowf
show details Aug 31 
  my name is Sherri Manfredi and until yesterday I was a volunteer with Save A Death Row Dog/ Death Row Dog Rescue run by Diana Peters.
My prayers go out to Polly and her Pups and I hope that they get saved.   I wish I lived closer to Chipley.

I did not realize until the Polly and her pups incident on Diana's  Death Row Dog Rescue page  that she was taking advantage of people .   When she didn't answer the inquiries from Chipley volunteers about if she had Polly/ or had a hold on her, I got concerned.   I wanted her to explain herself to her facebook members.   but instead she just deleted it, told more lies, and called people idiots.   all the while keeping money that people sent forPolly's boarding.   

when i read the post I said to my husband she doesn't mention Polly though has her picture she is going to say  it wasn't for Polly but she wrote 'these dogs"   i guessed this would be her excuse.  (I've heard her excuses before)
i said this to her as well as fact i needed her to be truthful on facebook about where Polly is.    and she went on with her Tony Robbin's quotes  and calling people idiots and saying well she spoke with one of the volunteers at chipley and  they wouldn't let her talk and just cursed her out.  then she called Judy who runs Chipley and got it alls sorted out that the two volunteers on her page make trouble always.     I'm thinking but they only asked her to contact chipley and put a hold or verify so polly didn't get killed monday.
also her post asking for monies with pollys picture for(chipleys picture of polly from petfinder)  she said i am boarding these dogs.   She doesn't have any dogs in boarding.  her friend Terry (Terrance Rosenberg)  has dogs being boarded.   and says Terry is trying to get Polly for her.

now a week prior  Terry asked us to post polly and her pups  and  the two other dogs he changed their names to Bonnie and clyde (who he got on the weekend of the 20th)  and i think another dog or two and ask for fosters / adopters and i posted them with the info they were coming on the 20th.    that is how Diana got their picture.  well then terry said another rescue had hold on polly not coming.   so that was that.  he came with the older 2 pups he renamed bonnie and clyde and diana didn't have room  we took pictures and posted for a foster or adopter to call diana for details and Terry put them in boarding.   a facebook member posted he was interested in them and wanted to meet,  and he called diana.  she had him call Terry directly to answer questions etc and set up with Terry to meet as it was his dogs.   i was told if we got adopted out we got the donation for them.  

i was an administrator on her facebook page, along with her  .   she posted that picture and plea for Polly.  and signed her name.  she then ignored comments from Chipley volunteers.
I couldn't respond to them as i didn't know the status of Polly.  i wrote her a letter inquiring if we had or were getting Polly and pups   that i couldn't respond to post as i didn't know the status .  she called Linda and Michelle liars and fruitcakes and that she spoke with Judy and worked it all out.  I have my emails from her. 
then she said  to someone  on facebook i guess  that she didn't post it...  that a Teresa did.   there are no Teresa's that work with her at the present.

I am ashamed that i was part of this organization. i was trying to help her fundraise and get her stuff organized  but the more i saw the more screwed up it all was.   
her funds she collects she does not  keep track of  and takes money and spends it as she needs for her groceries, cigarettes gas  bills etc.  
she keeps the dogs in a rental residence with too many dogs in house 
i always thought she had a good heart and loved the dogs  but i kept seeing her dump things on people  like the adoptions and events she would bail on untrained volunteers.  
she may have started out on the right mission but somewhere along the way she thought she was above others, and didn't need to account for anything she does. 
do i think she gets rich off the dogs no.   but i know 501c3's  have procedure. and she wasn't following any procedures, or allocating any funds. you have to show where funds go. 
not just pay all your bills  rent cable, fpl water groceries and cigarettes, pocket all you want,  and not account for it.  

the dogs in her home right now  are dogs others pulled in their name  for her from Miami Dade and brought to her, one that came from Terry not sure where from no paperwork just a shoddy shot record writting on a card,  doesn't even have the dogs name weight description on.  and mom and pups from the fields in homestead.   she had sick puppies that died    and just this weekend at Miami expo took two puppies directly brought to her friday night from Homestead fields and brought straight to the Anamalia Pet Expo in miami beach on saturday.  no shots no vet check  no worming NOTHING    and adopted one out .  the other sent home with a volunteer  they may have someone for it.   the adopters were not given proper papers etc.  
   anyways sorry to ramble on.  i just want to verify for my own sanity ....   is there a Judy there?  the volunteer linda i think says no its Malva i think she told my husband.  he has the contact info.  but i just wanted to know.

anyways i don't know what can be done about how she does things  but she is not doing right by dogs, or by people who donate.   prior to the polly incident she took in donations for gas to get pups and dogs coming from GA to florida for pickup.   we never got the dogs from Hope. but she kept the donations and rationalizes why its ok to keep its for the dogs. and she never advised them that they didn't come.   acted like they were in foster.

my husband says she is banned from  pulling from Chipley as is Terry ( Terrence Rosenberg)     according to Linda.  is that true. i ask as other volunteers who work with her,  she told  she can pull .  

 i don't like the drama or the fact money is taken from innocent people .
i pray i find another rescue to work with and that i can trust again in what they are doing.   

my love goes out to Polly and her piglets ;)   one of DRDR volunteers told me she has a foster for Polly and i told her honey Polly isn't coming .  :(   


Sherri Manfredi

Belva wrote back:

Animal Control of West Florida to me
show details Aug 31 

I appreciate the information and your concern for the way this woman is conducting her business. My name is Belva and I am the manager of the Chipley shelter. We do NOT have an employee named Judy and Diana Peters never contacted me about rescuing Polly and the Piglets. I require a valid 501(c)(3) for any rescue who pulls dogs from our shelter. In addition, when a new rescue contacts us about pulling dogs, we do our very best to do a little background research on the rescue before we send these dogs out. From what I can tell, Ms. Peters simply told people she already had Polly & her piggies and was in need of funds for their care. Polly and those babies have not left my shelter yet and when they do they will not be going to Diana Peters. Neither I nor my assistant, Sommer, have had any conversations with this Peters woman and we are the people who have the final word on where our dogs are sent. I do have wonderful volunteers and crossposters who get our dog info out to the public and to rescues via the internet, but all decisions regarding the dogs belong solely to  me. Linda and Michelle are two of my best volunteers...I can assure you they are not idiots and not liars. Sue Bruce is our transport coordinator and has my full and complete confidence. I talk to these three ladies on a daily basis and they know who has been rescued, requested or transported. They are very protective of the welfare of the animals in my care and would certainly have a problem with someone being dishonest about having pulled Pollyand her piglets (or any other animals).

Thank you for recognizing a problem and being willing to speak out.....also, you might want to discuss certain practices with the local animal control authorities..

Please feel free to call or email at any time.......we can always use more crossposters!!!!

Thanks so much,

Belva Vaughn, Mgr.  (850/260-6781)

I think the information above pretty much proves what happened with Diana weaving tales for funds.  
still she kept this money and just deleted facebook posts.     Shame on you for taking advantage of a dog schelduled to die.  How can you call yourself a saver when you lie and cheat and use these sweet animals?   How?   where is your proof to discount any of this.  it took one donator quite a while to get her funds back, and only did as she filed a complaint with paypal.     stop taking advantage of others to bilk donations out of them.  if you need cigarettes or your cable paid...just ask for what you need...  a little honesty and sincerity can go a long way!!!!!!!!!!!!  

here is a link to  one of the Friends Of Chipley Animals volunteers  report about Diana's Scamming....   

The Polly Incident Happened in August 2011 -  Sadly Diana Peters was back at posting a Chipley dog for her benefit ... Petey  

Diana Peters.... STOP Postings Others Dogs and Asking for Donations as if you have anything to do with them.
This is WRONG -  Shame on YOU!