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Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012 - DRDR and The Humane Society

     November 10, 2012

Yesterday Diana Peters of  Death Row Dog Rescue again was asking for a donation, even just $5, (again)  because it just takes so much money .   She forgets to tell people just how her donations that are collected are spent ....

Here is the TRUTH where she spends funds collected, to support herself. 
(see the last sentence) 

 Which she  has admitted to on many occasions.   You may assume then she takes a paycheck, but according to her application  sent to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture no one takes a paycheck. Ethical, legally operating non-profits just DO NOT take the funds and spend with no accounting for them.   The fact Diana Peters lives off of donations - the business is not paying anyone payroll is FRAUDULENT!   If only the kind caring donors knew where their donations go to.  (and to boot she doesn't pay taxes like the rest of us on her income)

Here is a screenshot from the DRDR facebook page taken this morning.  Please read through the comments made about The Humane Society.  Great suggestion made,

I am not understanding  why Diana would say the Humane Society sends dogs to BCAC  (Broward County Animal Care) ?  From their website :
 Is the Humane Society of Broward County a "no-kill" shelter?
The Humane Society of Broward County is an open admission shelter. This means we accept all owned animals regardless of their condition. Animals must be friendly and healthy to go up for adoption. Those not meeting this criteria are euthanized. Many "no-kill" shelters will only take in pets they know they can find homes for or turn people away when they are full. So where is the pet to go then?

Do I have to make an appointment to drop off my pet?
No, the shelter is open seven days a week and the receiving department opens at 8:00 AM everyday. 

Is there a time limit for animals?
Once an animal is evaluated and goes up for adoption, there is not a time limit, as long as the pet stays friendly and healthy.
No where does the Humane Society say they send animals to BCAC ,and no where does it say they are selective and refuse animals.
Frankly, what Diana Peters is doing is, spreading libel against them.
Now Diana has her followers believing that the workers LIE. They do not lie.  When they take in an animal that may NOT be adoptable and may face euthanasia THEY are very clear. People sign paperwork, it is not a dirty dark secret!
My pet is old and I can't afford to take it to the vet to have it put to sleep (euthanized). Can I bring my pet to the shelter?
Yes, the Humane Society of Broward County does this as free service, we do however ask for a donation. If you would like the pet's remains returned, there is a set fee for the cremation process and this is based on the size of the pet. We are open seven days a week for your convenience and receiving opens at 8:00 AM everyday. Please go to the west side of the building to the receiving department and the associate there will be able to assist you

The Humane Society of Broward County is a  501c3 non profit animal shelter.  They are not supported by government funds.  They take in unwanted animals .   Isn't this what Diana claims to do on a much smaller scale?

I urge people who think Diana Peters is just avoiding The Humane Society as someone to take in animals from to contact them directly.  I have been told that they know all about Diana Peters.

Back in September Diana posted one of their dogs Jezebel on her DRDR facebook page and asked for donations so she could SAVE Jezebel.

(see the screenshots below, and carefully READ Diana's comments)

Apparently Diana doesn't even KNOW where the dogs was because she tells people to call Broward County.  The Broward Humane Society is NOT a government agency.  She wrote the dog is at the Broward Pound.   UNTRUE, Jezebel was not at BCAC - the pound.

Diana then says she has room for her but no money to get her out.  Can someone sponsor to pay to get her out. 
She then goes on to LIE and say how much the pull fee is.

The truth is  Diana can't pull a dog from the Humane Society !
their policy is NO rescue can pull dogs from them - they are a shelter. their dogs are adopted by individuals not permitted by groups.
She is being quite deceitful to get donations.  
This is called, Charity Fraud. 

After receiving donations, and there were many more posts where she said  she was getting the dog,  but unfortunately either I have misfiled the screenshots, or  I  did not have a chance to get them. ( If I find them I will show that proof,  but for now that part is just hearsay)

She goes on to state the pull fee amount - when it is IMPOSSIBLE to pull a dog from  this private shelter.  They only adopt.   She then goes on to state Jezebel was adopted.
Yet- another LIE.
look below at the last comment!

Jezebel was still there as she wasn't even yet available to be adopted until September 26th.


Deceit and LIES -  sad stories and asking for help to save a dog, which she couldn't save. Nothing new with this scammer.  

But that hurts rescue animals that need to be saved, it hurts donors who believe her lies, and it hurts the rescues who are saving dogs, and shelters she spreads libel about.  

People deserve The Truth!

Diana did not have to tell lies when someone simply asked her why doesn't she partner with no kill shelters.
Diana can't pull a dog from The Humane Society, BCAC, MDAS, and many, many more shelters throughout Florida and beyond.

Here is a great guide that was shared with me, that will help donors discern a good rescue, from a bad.  It is vital in our fight to save LIVES that money goes to those that are saving them.

Diana Peters - YOU NEED TO STOP LYING and CHEATING to support yourself.
I am TIRED of seeing dog after dog, rescue and shelter after the other being used by you to fatten your wallet and pay for your trips to firewalking events in Texas, Tony Robbins events in Orlando, your food, rent, cigarettes and wine.  If you want people to support YOU then simply ask for money for it.  Do NOT use dogs!!!


  1. Intersting. I used to volunteer for BCHS and NO....they DO NOT put dogs down. They have NO time limit. Some of the dogs there need socialization and that is what I helped with. They are NEVER NEVER put down. Tamee

    1. So what are you going to do? Believe the lies and pure UN-documented slander from ex-volunteers that were caught stealing from the rescue?? or scroll down the Death Row Dog Rescue page and look into the hundreds and hundreds of eyes of the dogs and puppies that were saved from death and got new loving families for?? Which is it? You can stay with us-Death Row Dog Rescue- here in the circle of love and caring for the animals OR you can go be with them and keep the lies going which only do more horrible harm to the animals. Your choice as we all make choices every day-Good or Evil?? We invite you to help us to help the animals but if you decide the other-Please just leave us alone for we have a lot of compassionate work to do--Diana Peters-http://www.deathrowdogrescue.com/ a Florida Non-Profit rescue

    2. Diana~you are full of crap. I do beleive the DOCUMENTED proof (not slander because it is ALL true) from the volunteers. They DID not steal from your rescue. I have seen the papers from the court where you tried to sue them. The very officer that you filed a report with sided with the ex volunteers!! You are a joke! By exposing you, people are actually helping to SAVE animals. Save them from you and the care you claim to give them. Why did you let Fai get euthanized? Why didn't you get her? Why did you scam people regarding Polly and her pups? I watched that whole thing play out....and you DID collect money for them and Polly NEVER got the much needed money. Don't post some crap with your paypal account...all you do is cut and paste it to make it look like you want. Do I do good? You bet. I donate to various shelters. YOU will never see 1 dime from me. At my feet right now are 2 dogs I rescued. You are nothing but a sick twisted woman. And those words are being kind. Why not, for once, just answer the questions that I have given you instead of cut and pasting all the regular blah blah blah that you normally post. My guess is you can't because you can't even formulate a thought of your own. You try to deflect from what the real problem is.....it is you lying...cheating...scamming people out of their hard earned money. May God have pity on your soul, but I have a pretty good feeling that it is not God who you will be seeing.

    3. Diana peters are you serious? you are a lying scam artist that continues to keep getting caught in lies and keep scamming!!!! you are not getting those 2 dogs but you keep telling people you need money to get them. you are nothing but a lowlife scam artist that lives in a lowlife rental home. you keep asking people to help put a fence up for dogs but in actuality you want the fence up to barricade yourself in. stop with all you B.S. nobody believes you!!!!

    4. Diana Peters - I am not sure how many times people must point out to you what the definition of slander is. It seems you get stuck on a few words and dance around them continuing to avoid any type of real response.
      Are you saying what is written above is not true? What part of it is not accurate ?
      Do you deny the screen shots? Do you deny you live off of donations? Do you deny that The Humane Society of Broward County information is inaccurate? or that of Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center ( ie: the pound) ?
      Could you please respond to specifically what was written not just post your opinion of yourself?

      How are looking at pictures proof of anything? Unless you have supporting documentation with each photo how do you expect anyone to believe you?

      You state you have 100's of photo's and have saved over 2000 dogs - Well how about I go to your page I pick out 11 dogs you have posted in the two years and you show your proof.
      intake date/location/id #/ who pull the dog - vetting dates/vet name/location/ receipts , adopt out location and date

      Please Diana Peters I INVITE YOU - to put up or shut up.

      ...... and, PLEASE do not copy and paste the same as you have been doing. It is repetitive and flags as < SPAM >. Please say YES Diana - I look forward to LOOKING at your facts.

  2. Diana Peters - So you think people should just believe you, BECAUSE you say so?
    ~ OR ~
    should they use their own brains, LO_o K at the FACTS, (screenshots from YOUR FACEBOOK page) - Be intelligent - and FACT CHECK.
    Anyone can call Humane Society of Broward County and check this out for themselves. 2070 Griffin Road
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 954.989.3977
    Anyone can call Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Fort Lauderdale Adoption Center
    1870 SW 39th Street Phone: 954-359-1313 and ask them about Diana Peters / Death Row Dog Rescue.

    Your DECEPTION and LIES are disgusting. YOUR scamming of funds and EXPLOITATION of dogs in NEED is destructive and pitiful.

    NO one stole from you, and it is VERY well documented - you may want to look above your comments and SEE . SO many of your scams are DOCUMENTED .
    WHERE is any of YOUR proof Diana? can you show us your picture with this dog at your little rental duplex apt in Hollywood.
    How about Pops? you exploited and accepted donations for ? Angel? Toby and Lucy ? (still on your page Jan 30,with your paypal address - YOU do not have these dogs!) Vodka the dog from Turkey who was eating bread?, The dachshund in Georgia ? , Hope from Maryland ? Fai in Hernando County(who was euthanized and you took money for stating you were saving him-and they never heard from you), Polly and her Pups?, Morgana and Roxy you have on your page right now from Walton Co FL? Just to NAME a few of the dogs you have EXPLOITED for profit.
    Must I go on? YOU are a sick mentally disturbed con artist who is the ONLY one hurting dogs. When someone donates to one of your FRAUD posts, not only is the dog in the picture not receiving the funds they need, but other GOOD rescues suffer because donors gave to you to support your destructive LIES.

    YOUR day will come Diana, and ALL your evil will catch up to you, and be the end of you. Karma is a Bitch!

  3. Diana you should know that those 2 dogs that are in northern florida morgana and roxie that you are saying you are getting well FYI you are not getting them lois has done her homework about you and has learned about you. so you are committing fraud asking for money for dogs that you are not getting so i think you need to delete that post on your fake rescue page.. stop asking for money for dogs you dont have or NOT getting!!!!!

  4. They are NOT lies and undocumented proof. The Manfredi's are not the only ones who have had and reported bad experiences with the so called "DEATH ROW DOG RESCUE". You are NOT a rescue and you ARE the one hurting the animals and other rescues. What about Fai? Where is she Diane? DEAD AS A FUCKING DOORNAIL thanks to your GREEDY ASS!

    1. Diana here is what the Manfredis, Darcy and other people have posted about you. Tell me which is a lie. They said you sued them for an alleged theft and you lost. Was the judge lying in the final judgment that was entered against you. They said that you are banned from pulling dogs and they posted letters from government employees in TWO different counties that say you are banned. Are you saying the government employees are lying? Darcy and the Manfredis posted photos of them getting Angel and Pop out of the shelters after you said you were getting the dogs. How did you plan to get the dogs since you are banned? Are you claiming the cameras lied and you are the ones in the photos? I posted a screenshot where you ADMIT TO LIVING OFF OF DONATIONS people give for the dogs. Are you saying that you lied WHEN YOU MADE THAT ADMISSION? I said that you were sued by Miami's government for illegally operating an antique business. I further said you lost the case and were fined. I posted the orders entered against you. Are you saying that the jusge in Miami lied when he signed the orders? Or are you saying you lied when you signed an agreement involving your illegal operation? I posted that document also. Everyone but you has posted documents and all of the documents that have been posted prove that you are the only liar. Oh, you like to use the word slander so let me give you a tip, since you LOST the court case you are slandering them by claiming they stole from your rescue. Here is my email if you want to send documents even though I know you never will because you don't have any. -jessiewheaton220@yahoo.com

    2. Diana Peters - Please enlighten me as I would be happy to PROVE or DEBUNK your claims. I've read where others have made you this offer, but have yet to see a positive outcome in your favor.
      For this moment I will give you the benefit of the doubt, as I have not done any fact checking either way.

      To make this easy- lets start small:

      Please list just 5-10 of the lies. ( out of the hundreds you are stating) Please be specific.

      Your generalized cries are drama filled and avoid any real issue you may/may not be having. Which appear to be akin with, "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf." So please substantiate your claims.

      Asking people to blindly just believe you because you are stating something, and disbelief everyone else is ridiculous. Lets get it all cleared up. Enough drama and word play.

      You appear to be trying to build yourself up with phrases such as, circle of love, Good, compassionate work,look in eyes of dogs we saved, invite you to help us, help the others.
      To describe them (whomever 'them' are) a vague term. You use: lies, slander, undocumented, caught stealing, evil, horrible harm to the animals, tell them to leave you alone if they believe someones testimonial, opinion, or proof. You ask them to blindly choose based on what you wrote.

      You are stating they are evil and do harm to animals, were caught stealing ( please show proof of this) I have seen it stated you are the only one accusing them, you placed a police report 5 months after the supposed incident, no arrests were made, your so called witnesses would not cooperate with police, and when you brought them to small claims court - you lost.

      I do not care about any of that- it proves nothing. You are just trying to coerce with similes, and this is about real things, real accusations you are making. This is not grade school composition creative writing project working with imagery. No need for word play and games.

      Now here is the definition of slander:

      Slander: Slander is the spoken or transitory form of defamation of character, a legal term that refers to a falsehood presented as true which could harm the reputation of a person or entity.

      So let's figure this out. Either you are being defamed, or you are being criticized and exposed.
      From what I see about it appears to be criticism and exposure but I have yet to take verify anything as facts.


  5. Diana why do you claim people stole from your rescue when you know the police investigated the so called theft and decided not to prosecute. Not even the people you claim were witnesses backed up your story. You then sued the people for theft and lost that case. The judge didn't believe. How pathetic do you feel that the judge believed a person with a criminal record over you. That says a ton that you are less trustworthy in court than a person with a criminal record. Also, when was the last time you personally went to the pound in Broward County and pulled a dog? We have all seen the photos of Sherri and Darcy with the dogs they recently saved from the pound but you don't have a single photo. Don't even try to claim people should scroll down to 2009 to tell people how many dogs you saved because the bottom line is that Sherri, Joe and Darcy have in the past two years pulled more dogs from the pounds than you have. Finally, why do you say there are no documents? They have posted the court records from Miami and Fort Lauderdale that were entered against you. They have also posted the letters written by government employees against you. I posted on Facebook that I would pay you $40 if you posted every single check, invoice, bill and receipt showing how much you took in and how much you spent in 2012. I said the documents had to show you didn't spend a dime on your rent and other personal expenses. You refused despite claiming that even five dollars helps dogs. If you really cared about dogs and you had the proof you would have provided the documents. Obviously you neither care about the dogs nor have the documents. I will include my email even though you will ignore it and not send anything. Sabrina_lane03@yahoo.com

  6. Diana can you do anything except copy and paste? These are not responses to the blog article, or comments to any of the replies - just your sad attempt to avoid the FACTS, and self inflate your head.
    Just because you spew venum out of your mouth, and then make claims you do not back up, and call yourself good, and the rest of the world evil, does not make it so. You are far from compassionate or full of love.

    CHARITY FRAUD Diana is not a 'GOOD' thing. Dogs dying because you do not vet them - is NOT a good thing.
    Endangering dogs in need because you are exploiting their dire situation for your own SELF GAIN - is NOT a good thing.
    Lying to people to cheat them out of their money - is NOT a good thing.

    You are a con artist that flips from the victim to the self proclaimed savior to pull at peoples heart strings. A sick person. The proof is out there for anyone to see. Court records, county records, local pounds, blogs, across the internet. Just google Diana Peters, Death Row Dog Rescue - her scams are not new, she just keeps moving and seeking new victims across social media sites.