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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Testimonial from Anonymous (J) - DRDR Davie Location

For a few months, my daughter and I were contemplating on getting a new dog. I have always had rescue dogs so it was just natural to look around and find rescues in our area. I wasn’t really ready to adopt just yet and felt maybe we could volunteer to put it off for a while. I was unemployed and didn’t feel like that was a responsibility I should take on at the time. Well, I stumbled upon Death Row Dog Rescue in Davie. I thought that might be convenient since we live in Davie too. I called the “ranch” and spoke with Diana about volunteering. She seemed in a rush and very harried, but said to stop by any time we wanted to. Well, we did very shortly after that phone call. What we found was horrendous! The dogs were all running free, big ones, little ones, sick ones… the back door was always open and they came in and out freely… the baby pool was filled with filthy water… We went inside and the smell could knock you down! We jumped in right away! Sweeping, mopping, watering, feeding, playing, doing laundry… there was feces and urine everywhere! It was on the floors, on the walls, on the furniture, in boxes, and on piled up clothes in the house and in the garage. You would clean one room, but because the dogs had feces and urine on them, they would just track it around. Whenever we left there, we put garbage bags over the seats in the car so we would not ruin them and removed our shoes so not to get anything on the rugs in the car. We had to shower immediately once we got home as our feet were filthy and probably had some remnants of feces and urine from all the dogs jumping and playing on us. At times it was so bad that we would strip our clothes off in the doorway and drop them right into washing machine! It was just horrible.

In the middle of August 2010, we fostered a 12 week puppy. You might recall the puppies labeled as the “Krome Avenue puppies”. My daughter had fallen absolutely in love with her! Since she was a puppy around all those big dogs, she was always trampled on! This was around the time with Midnight (who was returned back to Diana twice), Robbie, Jet, Tristan, and Bear. I agreed to the foster on the stipulation that when she got bigger, she would have to go back because we are not allowed dogs over 25 pounds where I live. Diana could not locate her file and pretty much said to just take her because she trusted us (I’ve heard her say that to everyone!). I asked her if she should be on meds that I needed to continue and how she remembered who she gave what if she couldn’t find her files. She just kind of blew me off with her fluttering around and her constant gibberish. Anyway, she gave me pills (Panacur maybe??). She also needed a shot, which I can’t remember what it was for though!! I think I tried to block that period of time out of my life! Anyway, she said she only had one left and asked if I would go to the feed store there in Davie to get the medicine (it had to be refrigerated if that helps knowing). I went, paid for it, and she promptly took it and put in her refrigerator. She took out a DIFFERENT vial and gave the puppy her shot. Well, I thought something was fishy so I swiped the vial. I actually never looked at it for about a week or so. When I finally did, I realized that the vial expired in 2001… 10 years ago!! 

Needless to say, after I realized the vaccine expired 10 years ago, I took the puppy to my vet. She had worms, fleas, ticks, kennel cough, and pneumonia. Between all the vaccinations, x-rays, preventative meds, Orkin to treat the house for fleas, and a humidifier, my out of pocket cost was over $2000 (yes, that says $2000, NOT $200)… if you recall in the beginning of this letter, I did say I was unemployed… As a side note, I had paid to have her spayed.

I have not seen the newest location, but based on the previous location, Death Row Dog Rescue has no business being in business! All the dogs lived in the house and just all thrown together in between 2 rooms where they would all fend for themselves. I have read in the past about her fence being broken and how the dogs were getting out and near the canal.

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