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Debbie's Rescue

This is the story of Debbie's rescue.

Debbie was rescued FROM DRDR

I am thankful that Debbie was rescued that July day in 2010 and shown love, proper care, and given the needed meds to survive.
WHY would a rescue (Diana Peters/DRDR) leave this poor girl on the ground to die?
Below you will see a copy of some of the facebook posts concerning Debbie, and how she was rescued by her Angel Mom Wendy.

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM
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Please keep Debbie (my baby with a collapsed trachae,rescued from death row dogs rescue) in your prayers, she had a terrible night and we are heading to the vet right now. She was having a very hard time breathing all night and does not look good :-( Send good vibes this way ♥ By: Wendy's Rescue February 5

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM
Diane Peters do you remember this dog? Her name is Debbie. You left her to die in your backyard when you used to live here in Davie. I went to volunteer at your so call "rescue" and found Debbie laying in your backyard weighing only 13 lbs (she is 60 lbs now by the way), she was coughing her lungs out and just laying there dying while all the other dogs walked all over her. I asked you what was wrong with her and you said NOTHING. I picked her up and put her in my car without telling you anything because I knew you would NOT let her go. I saw another dog, Milo, with a huge hole in his neck from being attacked by one of the big dogs, because YOU Diane did NOT (and probably still doesn't) seperate your big dogs from the little ones and most little dogs were being killed or hurt from being attacked by the big dogs. I grabbed him as well and put him in my car, again without telling you, and got them BOTH immediate vet care. You left Debbie's kennel cough untreated for so long that she developed pneumonia, and THAT was left untreated for so long that it actually collapsed her trachea. Something that is mainly seen in small dogs not big dogs, YOU caused that, YOU are the only person responsible for the fact that Debbie would NEVER have a normal life. She has trouble breathing, she cannot run, she cannot live a normal life. She must be on antibiotics for EVER to avoid any infection. YOU Diane Peters caused this to her YOU AND ONLY YOU. Thank GOd Milo was recued on time and only got a couple of stitches but Debbie will forever suffer because of YOU. You personally told ME that you didn't like vets because they stole money from you and that you would put your sick dogs in that make shift office of yours in the davie property. Maybe the donations you received for the Chipley dogs can be used to pay for Debbie's vet care that as of right now has cost me over $7000 in the past 2 years. You should be hidding in shame Diane NOT here TRYING to defend yourself because people like myself who has actually been to your "rescue" know exactly what type of place you run. Please retire from rescue and do all these dogs a favor, there is a faith worse then death and I would rather see a dog die at the shleter then to end up with you and that is a pretty strong statement coming from someone like me who does not believe in killing, I am a vegan and will not abuse or kill an animal but at this point with people like you around I would rather see them die.
Also you don't need a facility to run a rescue, I sure as hell don't have a facility now but I sure as hell make sure to make the responsible decisions when it comes to the rescuing, rehabilitating, and re homing all the dogs that come through my rescue. And I ONLY take the ones that I know I can care for them RESPONSIBLY. I don't ask for donations, although I have had people like Christine Condarcure and other who have TRUSTED me and have sponsor some of my dogs, and that is the key word TRUSTED me and I make sure the money they pledge is placed exactly where they want to money placed, to the dogs something you seem to NOT know. Anyway, I can go on and on about you Diane but just by showing you Debbie's face should be more than enough for YOU to get the hell out of rescue and find something else to do that does not require you to be responsible for someone life.

Wendy's Rescue: Oh and in case you wonder Debbie is still living with me and will be with me forever. Oh and here is Milo, who by the way my mom adopted and loves him https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=160192107358925&set=a.160192060692263.33957.100001044094999&type=3&theater Please get out of rescue and avoid hurting more dogs or anything that comes your way.

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM Wendy, thank you so much for sharing your story. Unfortunately sweet Debbie is the one who must suffer for the rest of her days due to Diana Peter's neglect. Thank goodness she has a mommy angel like you! Thank you for all the love and patience you give to these rescued babies. xo BG

Nancy Mlotkowski OMG! There was a 16 week old sick Debbie at the "ranch" in Davie while I volunteered there - is this her??? She was very thin and weak, and would just lay on her side and struggle to breathe. When I asked Diana about her, she'd told me she went to a foster home so she could get better and stronger. Wendy - when did you get her from Diana?

Wendy's Rescue Around 2 years ago Nancy

Wendy's Rescue Actually Nancy I just check my records and it as around July 2010

Nancy Mlotkowski That's when I was there - summer 2010! Unbelievable! I'm SO glad to know you have her and she's still alive!

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM I am floored that this has been going on as long as it has!!! It is hard to fathom how many dogs suffered and died in her care :( I adopted my love Buppo from her this past January when I was volunteering and I never got a straight answer where he and his litter mates came from. Once she said gas shelter in Georgia then she said South Carolina. I helped bathe all six pups and fell in love. She never took any of them to the vet and didn't quarantine from the rest of the pack. I took him to my vet and told them to treat as if he were a stray even though Diana said she gave them vaccines and dewormer. ALL OF THE MEDS SHE ADMINISTERED TO THE DOGS AND PUPS WERE EXPIRED AND DONATED!!! She had no right self medicating the animals. BG

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM Mainly it was vaccines that were expired. I know from working in the health field that vaccines do in fact lose their effectiveness when expired. I am not sure about others. You have a very valid point, only under a vets care after an exam!!! Diana would diagnose, treat, and subscribe medical care to the animals at the "ranch" Some cases she has even acted like Dr. Kevorkian giving dogs "sedatives" that were too far gone. I did not witness this but other volunteers have come forward with this claim!!!! BG

Wendy's Rescue @ Nancy I am glad I have a witness to the condition she was subjecting Debbie to

Here are Some More Comments to the Above Posting about Debbie on the facebook scam page. See what Ms Peters says about this:

! "Diana Peters Oh Yes Barbie--I will never forget Debbie-she and her litter mates were at Miami Dade and going to be put down-they all were so skinny and Kennel Cough horrible--Debbie was the sickest for she was the runt--all of the others came out of the... Kennel Cough and were super healthy and all got adopted to great homes--Debbie went into severe phenomena and one of my fantastic Volunteers was married to a Vet-She took Debbie to her clinci and she was there for 2 weeks-The Dr. said to just keep feeding her all she wants and continue the heavy meds--she wanted to be with her buddies so badly and would play all day with them-Thank you for Fostering her for as we spoke at that time Debbie needed to be in a much quieter place where she could gain her health quicker-You were wonderful to take her and I thank you for that--Diana Peters

      • EE: Not sure how a dog can "play" in the condition it was in...like really? 
      • Thank goodness that beautiful dog was HONESTLY rescued...who leaves
      • a dog with Kennel Cough out in the yard.....with other dogs?????
    • November 15 at 9:35am

    • EK: For anyone new to this page who is reading the above ABSURD AND DELUSIONAL AND MANIPULATIVE response from Ms. Peter, please read this page for the TRUTH. If you cannot see that the reality of Ms. Peters 'rescuing' does not even slightly resemble the story telling of Ms. Peters "rescuing", then please, tell us what it will take for you to see the truth so there will be no more Debbie's at the hands of Ms. Peters.
    • November 15 at 1:20pm

    • WR:

    • it is not suprising to me that this woman does not know who has Debbie, she doesn't 

    • know where half of her dogs are much less Debbie. She clearly needs to be evaluated
    • mentally because her mind if obviously not clear. I remember the first time I went 

    • there, they brought in this dog that was so scared, he asked me to bath him, which I
    • did. But this pup was petrified. I went the next day to see him and he was gone. Her 

    • story: he was adopted and sent somewhere up north, I was like huh?! He just got 

    • here, he was petrified, I left at 4pm and by 10am the next morning he was gone! 

    • where?! how?! We know it takes time to arrange transportation (responsibly of course),

    •  this dog has stayed in my mind since that day. I only which I would have gotten him 

    • too :-/. I have another witness who has one of her dogs, I sent her a private message

    •  but she has not responded. I was right there next to her when Diane said that she 

    • DID NOT like vets because they are all want her money.
    • SM Diana is serverely disillusional.... Poor Debbie. I am happy she was saved - as left the way she was she was close to death. sick sick sick Diana ! I would love to see those vet records that this wonderful volunteer took her and then brought her back like that. Ya OK thats believable. alls I can say is shame on you for leaving that dog in your yard to die. that is animal abuse Diana..