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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Continues to Claim she needs funds to help dogs at MDAS

Death Row Dog Rescue FALSE claims and postings stating they rescue dogs from MDAS kill lines!

 You be the judge!  Death Row Dog Rescues operator Diana Peters continues to post claim after claim that she SAVES dogs from MDAS in Miami Florida.  It's posted on her website, and facebook page as her mission in life.   How can a rescue who can't pull dogs from that shelter  continue to state over and over again how hard it is saving them???  
How does this person sleep at night knowing she is posting lies and collecting donations based on her lies and heart wrenching stories she posts?
Death Row Dog Rescue is NOT approved to pull dogs! Anyone can  contact them and verify this fact. 
MDAS Main Shelter7401 NW 74 Street
Miami, FL 33166
Many people step forward and state it on facebook, but Diana in turn calls them haters, liars, and people who are hurting the dogs?   How is someone calling her lies out hurting animals?
Why is her rescue collecting donations?  My opinion is this not only hurt the donors, who may lose trust in the rescue community when they find out the truth,  but it HURTS the DOGS!  Any money collected on behalf of a dog in dire need should got to that dog, not anothers  pocket.
Imagine the LIVES approved rescues could have saved from MDAS with those donations!
Here is just one example posted online from this week:
Posted on Death Row Dog Rescues Facebook Page  10/24/12
A screen shot of the above post from DRDR page and question posted on the Urgent Dogs of Miami's (UDOM) facebook page on 10/24/12 followed by additional screenshots and comments added.


The answer the public deserves is WHY does Diana  continue to state her rescue Death Row Dog Rescue (Hollywood, FL)  is saving dogs from Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS)  death row lines - when Death Row Dog Rescue can not pull an animals from their facility? 

Posting dogs pictures and posting lists of ID numbers stating you need money to save dogs from the murderers at MDAS when you can't rescue these dogs is just wrong! 
If you truly want to help them Diana Peters why not share the truth, and direct people to the many places on the internet to find people who are saving them.


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