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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anonymous 9/23/2010 facebook messge

Email of DRDR page post 9/23/2010  by Z 

**All of the below is allegedly of course. Please feel free to do your own research 

for the truth.. Unlike some people I would hate to allegedly lie. 

Let’s play a guessing game. First question- how long for this post to be deleted?

Answer it doesn’t matter I already private messaged it to everyone! Ha! Second 

question- how many more dogs are sitting in the tick trap waiting to die from 

illnesses? Hang on let’s count.. allegedly there is heart murmur, heart worms, un 

ascended testicle, open surgical wound that was left untreated, god knows how 

many with lyme disease from all of your pet ticks.. should we go on???? Next 

question- how many different city violations are you allegedly breaking (let’s do 

this one off the top of my mind) hmmm well I cheated and looked at 

Broward Reporting Animal Issues

Let’s see hmmm.. well you definitely allow animals to live in allegedly unsanitary 

conditions (anyone who has been within a block radius of your “ranch” knows that 

it reeks to high hell), allegedly leaving animal’s medical conditions to go 

untreated… now Diana if I had to guess I would say that this is your specialty, 

failure to provide an animal with adequate shelter-check, allegedly maintaining a 

location where animals fight.. now Diana a personal question here- would you be 

the same Diana who allegedly walks around with a “no-no” jug because of dog 

fighting and allowed a volunteer to be bitten in the middle of a dog fight in the 

past month? I think you are! What about that allegedly “small” little tick problem 

you have, if memory serves me here you allegedly call them raisin ticks because 

the ticks are so big.. can we say lyme disease? All together now l-y-m-e disease,

hmm Diana what do you think the County would say about your tick problem. 

Here’s some advice, maybe next time you change your organizations name you 

should say you are a “tick farm”.. I mean you have enough. Maybe people do not 

know that this is at least the 3rd name you have operated your “rescue “aka scam 

under. Want me to keep going? I have a feeling you don’t. Such a shame that I 

was never very good at following directions. 

I feel like talking about some of your special little white lies. I’m thinking we 

should start with your alleged nonprofit organization status.. well actually I think 

I’m technically talking about the alleged lack thereof. Everyone ready to make their 

tax deductions? Oh right.. you can’t.. allegedly. Enough picking on you for the 

little things… those are only alleged federal offenses if my suspicions are correct.. 

which I’m pretty sure they are allegedly. Now for your fanpagefreakintastic 

internet marketing campaign, or as I like to call it your spam aka alleged little 

white lie numbero dos (thought I would do a throw back to your days in Miami, 

you know before you allegedly got thrown out of that city and all). Let’s see how 

many of those dogs advertised on the internet are actually available and in your 

possession. Well there is a picture of Hennessy who is in the possession of 

another rescue and also Robbie who was adopted, and then King who was 

adopted (contrary to popular belief.. who by the way never belonged to DRDR) 

and that leads us into our next question.. How many dogs have you recued from 

MDAS lately? Allegedly none because oh yeah allegedly you were never contracted 

to pull dogs from them. 

Hey Diana, one final question in today’s economy that your hard working fans 

who deserve to know where their money is going when they donate to your 

alleged non profit organization.. So Diana where does this money go? We know it 

doesn’t go to vets because well frankly most of the sick dogs don’t receive alleged 

medical treatment, yet alone from a licensed vet. Yes we know you stay up 24/7 

giving them your self made nebulizer treatment yada yada yada yawn, med school 

is for a reason Diana, likely the same reason vets can charge a lot for their 


Hmm so you think adoptions slowed down because Ellis is out of town. Maybe 

you and your “head volunteers” should look through the dirt and into the mirror to 

see that people are onto you just like those blood sucking ticks you are so proud 

of (once again this is alleged). 

In closing, who really is the rotten apple here? You, who allegedly committed all of 

the above or me who you claimed would dump my dog. Let’s get something 

straight Diana, I would never dump my dog.. and I would rather stab myself in 

the eye then let her near you, yet alone end up in a place like your “rescue”. All 

animals deserve a better faith than that.


Hopefully you can see that people are on to you and changes need to be made

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