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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What The Public Needs To Know About Animal Rescues!

Thank you for visiting our page,  We recently had a guest on the radio show (see link) named Alison Hector! Alison wrote this article.  Well worth the read!   Thank you Alison for this wealth of information!             Great Animal Rescue or Great Scam? A Complete Guide

Here is the radio show that was just aired today  11/14/2012!  See other show that aired in November of 2010!
Death Row Dog Rescue is Still a SCAM!!


  1. I was honored to be invited! Thank you for an informative show.
    Alison Hector

  2. So what are you going to do? Believe the lies and pure UN-documented slander from ex-volunteers that were caught stealing from the rescue?? or scroll down the Death Row Dog Rescue page and look into the hundreds and hundreds of eyes of the dogs and puppies that we saved from death and got new loving families for?? Which is it? You can stay with us here in the circle of love and caring for the animals OR you can go be with them and keep the lies going which only do more horrible harm to the animals. Your choice as we all make choices every day-Good or Evil?? We invite you to help us to help the animals but if you decide the other-Please just leave us alone for we have a lot of compassionate work to do--Diana Peters-http://www.deathrowdogrescue.com/ a Florida Non-Profit rescue

    •These hateful People who keep hurting the animals by the lies they Post everywhere!!!--Well, do we all know how sick and evil some people are in this world?? The truth is this:

    1. This Death Row Dog Rescue (Diana Peters) has saved from a death sentence at the pounds over 2000 dogs and puppies and they are all now living a wonderful life--

    2. The truth is this Death Row Dog Rescue is registered legally with the Dept of Agriculture and the IRS -all requirements to receive donations to help these animals-All Public Records

    3- The truth is that Diana Peters has sold off most of her personal belongs over the past years to keep this rescue going-She has cared for these abused animals 24/7 for over 4 years and she has sacrificed everything in her normal life to only keep saving more of these dogs-
    4. She receives dozens of pleas daily for her help to get dogs and puppies out of the pound where they are scheduled to die that very day-Diana trys to take in as many as she can so they do not die at the pounds

    •5. The truth is that she also tries to help so many other rescue groups by posting their Urgent dogs and puppies and is also willing to take them into her location to rehabilitate and heal and then to get a new loving home for them

    •6. The truth is that Diana is NOT Banned from the local pounds-She may not be registered there to pull but there has never been a need to be for she received dozens of urgent calls every single day to help so many of these dogs and puppies.

    •7. The truth is all of the rescues that come from our local pounds have all of their vaccines and these are the dogs and puppies that Diana rescued-

    •8. The truth is Darcy Ode Butkus was only at the Rescue in Davie 1 time for she is petrified of large dogs and these are the ones that Diana would generally rescue from death row. Statements are available with the proof.

    •9. The truth is SherriLynn Manfredi and her husband Joe Manfredi (Convicted Felon) were caught stealing from the rescue (Police Reports available) and they were involved in a Workman’s Comp Scam that Diana did NOT go along with.

    •10. The truth is that these people for over a year and a half have spread lies and pure slander against Diana Peters and Death Row Dog Rescue and causing hundreds of dogs and puppies to be killed –(documents available with the lists of the animals that Diana was trying to save but was sabotaged by these people)
    •The truth is this question: “How many dogs or puppies have these 3 people actually gone to the pounds and gotten out alive??” The truth is they would rather destroy and do harm to the animals then to step up and help to save any. The animals pay the ultimate price for their hate and cruel actions. And this is the Truth!! Diana-954-626-0708 P.S. Funny they do not put their information out here for anyone to contact them--

  4. After the 2 weeks in the hospital-Then Dr. Jaffe said to just keep feeding her all she wants and continue the heavy meds--she wanted so badly to be with her other buddies outside and would play all day with them-she slept in my bed with me the entire time –Then you came to my rescue to help and I suggested to you, Wendy if you could foster Debbie so she does not get so excited here with all of the other dogs and you very nicely said you would—I told you at the time what the Vet Dr. Jaffe who had her there for over 2 weeks had told me-and I gave you all of the medicines that he had given to me for Debbie---I said thank you so much for Fostering her for as we spoke at that time Debbie needed to be in a much quieter place where she could gain her health back quicker-You were wonderful to take her and I was so grateful to yout—I had not heard a bad word from you at all over the past year that you had Debbie-the last time I spoke to you (maybe 8 months ago) you said she was super fine and had put on weight-and now this made up story about how you found her laying in the back yard dieing—Obsurd!!! How could you set up this Blog Page and post all of these horrible sick lies about Debbie and my rescue?? Remember my neighbor and realtor Karen (who is a Christian) was there helping me every single day and she knows the real truth about Debbie and for sure not anything of what you have posted. --It will never cease to amaze me as to why You knew you had a copy of her records all this time from Dr. Jaffe's office way back then and still started this slanderous postings and You knew that I had taken her to Dr. Jaffe's off ice for almost 3 weeks---. I mean the copies where she was at this office for all most 3 weeks--You lied and slandered my rescue with the most horific evil statements especially pertaining to Debbie--I am demanding you take the blog off of the Internet immediately or I will sue you for everything I possibly can. You and your sick friends, Sherri Manfredi and Darcy Butkus have caused such devastating pain and suffering and death for so many more innocent dogs and puppies that would have been saved and lived--You are very evil people--Diana Peters-

  5. http://www.scamexposure.com/scam-report/sherri-and-joe-manfredi-convicted-felon-they-were-caught-stealing-from-a-registered-dog-rescue-c92247.html Here folks read this