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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some of the Many Scam Reports Written About Death Row Dog Rescue

In Googling Death Row Dog Rescue / Diana Peters  you can find quite a few "Scam Reports"  warning others about this unscrupulous woman.

Please go to the links below and see what others have to say about Diana Peters.
Some of her responses are quite amusing,  but  sadly they do not answer any of the allegations made against her.   Why is This?    There is a wealth of information.

Rip Off Report - No More Dogs Should Die in her Care!

Rip Off Report - Fraudulent Soliciting!

Diana Peters from when she was in Redlands area of Miami - Ripoff Report

Rip Off Report - False Claims?

Death Row Dog Rescue - SCAM Informer- from Chipley Volunteer

DRDR - Pissed Consumer - Unethical !

Scam Informer - Facebook Scammer

Scam Informer - Soliciting Donations for dogs not in her possession

Scam Informer - Falsely Soliciting Donations - Scamming People

- That is not a complete listing.  Its sad in today's economy Diana Peters can take advantage of  people, and dogs.    There is no room for it.  Dogs are dying... She should be shut down.

Donations should be going to the good rescues that put the dogs welfare first - all the time.


  1. Has Diana Peters' Save a Death row Dog shelter been shut down? If not (and these claims are legitimate), how come?

    1. Diana peters this is joe manfredi just so you know im not hiding. you are such a liar diana why do you still keep those 2 dogs on your page morgana and roxie? you are NOT getting those dogs and you still are keeping up that post to get more money that proves what a scam artist you are and the fact is you were told on friday by the shelter that you were not getting the dogs but on sunday you are saying you would offer someone money for gas to transport the dogs from there for you, also quit saying that we stole from you. NOBODY STOLE FROM YOU. YOU ARE THE THIEF YOU STEAL MONEY FROM PEOPLE EVERYDAY TO PAY YOUR BILLS. you have killed dogs in the past because of your scam and you self medicated them. why dont you DIANA PETERS TELL THE PEOPLE HOW MANY DOGS YOU HAVE BURIED IN THE NUMEROUS BACKYARDS OF THE RENTAL HOUSES YOU KEEP MOVING FROM ONE TO THE OTHER. YOU ARE A DDOG KILLER DIANA NOT A SAVIOR!!! GET OVER YOURSELF YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT YOU ARE JUST GARBAGE THAT NEEDS TO BE THROWN OUT!!!! ALSO THE STUPID COMMENT ABOUT CONVICTED FELON WELL NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT IT DOESNT BOTHER ANYBODY SO YOU JUST ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A FOOL BY KEEP SAYING THAT AND AT LEAST I NEVER KILLED ANY DOGS LIKE YOU HAVE...