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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Continues to Claim she needs funds to help dogs at MDAS

Death Row Dog Rescue FALSE claims and postings stating they rescue dogs from MDAS kill lines!

 You be the judge!  Death Row Dog Rescues operator Diana Peters continues to post claim after claim that she SAVES dogs from MDAS in Miami Florida.  It's posted on her website, and facebook page as her mission in life.   How can a rescue who can't pull dogs from that shelter  continue to state over and over again how hard it is saving them???  
How does this person sleep at night knowing she is posting lies and collecting donations based on her lies and heart wrenching stories she posts?
Death Row Dog Rescue is NOT approved to pull dogs! Anyone can  contact them and verify this fact. 
MDAS Main Shelter7401 NW 74 Street
Miami, FL 33166
Many people step forward and state it on facebook, but Diana in turn calls them haters, liars, and people who are hurting the dogs?   How is someone calling her lies out hurting animals?
Why is her rescue collecting donations?  My opinion is this not only hurt the donors, who may lose trust in the rescue community when they find out the truth,  but it HURTS the DOGS!  Any money collected on behalf of a dog in dire need should got to that dog, not anothers  pocket.
Imagine the LIVES approved rescues could have saved from MDAS with those donations!
Here is just one example posted online from this week:
Posted on Death Row Dog Rescues Facebook Page  10/24/12
A screen shot of the above post from DRDR page and question posted on the Urgent Dogs of Miami's (UDOM) facebook page on 10/24/12 followed by additional screenshots and comments added.


The answer the public deserves is WHY does Diana  continue to state her rescue Death Row Dog Rescue (Hollywood, FL)  is saving dogs from Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS)  death row lines - when Death Row Dog Rescue can not pull an animals from their facility? 

Posting dogs pictures and posting lists of ID numbers stating you need money to save dogs from the murderers at MDAS when you can't rescue these dogs is just wrong! 
If you truly want to help them Diana Peters why not share the truth, and direct people to the many places on the internet to find people who are saving them.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 2012 - Hollywood, FL location Death Row Dog Rescue

                                                  New Location  

Diana Peters is running Death Row Dog Rescue at a new location at 2233 Fillmore St ,  Hollywood, FL.  

Yet, again she is operating a business in a residential neighborhood which it is not zoned for.  This puts every dog she puts on the property in danger! This is a code violation and one that she continues to rack up every city she moves to.
Everytime she gets in hot water with the cities, the DOGS are in danger of going to local animal control BCAC in Broward County.   Other groups should not have to keep coming forward to re-rescue dogs out of her care to protect them from going to animal control.  Diana posts for donations, and gets quite a bit of money with her false posts - the rescues that come in and clean up her mess do not get a thing from Ms. Peters but big costs as they end up vetting and caring for the dogs she claims to save.

She has called it her new huge location, her new RESCUE RANCH.    I do believe Ms. Peters is yet again trying to decieve those people who are scattered all over the world and are on her facebook page.

When facebook page Dog Rescues-The Good-The Bad- and The Ugly of South Florida posted Death Row Dog Rescues business address,  Diana Peters attacked them on her page calling them liars and haters, that little half a cottage is NOT where she lives.  


Confusing,  she posted that address for people to send their checks to her,  she updated sunbiz with it as being the actual businss address - Who is lying ?

DIANA PETERS -  again! 



There is No Big Ranch,  she shares a split 954 sq ft 1940's cottage.   Truely does the size matter ?  NO   But if you are portraying yourself as running a rescue out of a RANCH,  then yes, yes it does. 

Diana Peters, you need to stop lying to rake in donations.  She has already admitted on last years radio blog  that she lives entirely on donations.  To the state of Florida she states she does not take a paycheck. 

You decide, who just is telling the truth!  The facts are out there for everyone to see!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Please read below the PROOF document from MDAS  in Miami, Florida, the very shelter Diana Peters claims to save dogs out of.   Here is what Kathy Labrada  at MDAS said concerning Diana Peters.   It does not get much clearer than this!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hershey used to collect fraudulent donations! - Death Row Dog Rescue Lies Again!!!!

Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue is at it again.   Posting a dog, saying 

she has him, and begging for donations.  She went as far to say she got this 

boy out of MDAS in Miami, FL.  how awful things were, how she saved him, 

clung to her, she administered meds to him, etc...

                        LIES AGAIN from Diana Peters!!!
Please scroll down and see where he was in Rome GA,  NOT MDAS in Miami 

FL as this scammer claimed.  She did not PULL him, did not bring him home

and miracle heal him. 


 she did use his picture and a fabricated story to get donations for him.  

Below is the chipin Diana posts on her page, and many have sent checks.  

This is disgusting.  AGAIN....  this scamming  needs to stop.  Click on the 

screen shots to enlarge and read.  

                           In Rome GA  NOT at Death Row Dog Rescue!

Adopted from GA 

Fact: Diana Peters stated she got this dog on Tuesday 
October 9th from MDAS.   FACT  he never was at 
MDAS and her story is a LIE!

If you look at the Rome GA link (same exact picture)
you can see that on Monday October 8th, 2012 someone posted saying the dog was adopted.   Now if he was adopted from Rome, GA on the 8th or prior,  how did she see him on Sunday Oct 7th, and pick him up on Tuesday Oct 9th, in Miami FL if he was NEVER in MIAMI and adopted out prior to her supposedly picking him up in Miami.

The lies, and the scamming need to stop. This woman is stealing money and fabricating sad tales to get it!!

Please if you have been scammed by Diana Peters or anyone, report it.  If you donate, check who you donate to. This woman has been scamming for years and the internet has a lot of red flags to alert anyone who just took the time to google her name.

Diana Peters you should be ashamed of yourself. You claim to love the dogs, to save them, but you use them for your own devious gain.  You use dogs in kill shelters photo's and weave sad tails so unsuspecting kind souls feel sorry for the dogs, and you and send you their hard earned money.

South Florida Rescue community is tired of the few bad eggs like yourself who steal donations meant for dogs in need, for the true saviors.  You are a disgusting person, who preys on kind people.



UPDATE:   Sunday October 21, 2012 Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue updated her facebook pages, noting Hershey was adopted!  

Please look at the below picture posted,  is this the same dog she posted as saving?  NO !  Don't believe me, compare the pictures!

to refresh - here is the dog she posted as falsely saving from MDAS who actually was a dog NOT named Hershey who was adopted by someone else in ROME,GA from Floyd County Animal Control in Georgia!

There is a person who donated to Diana's plea for help with the above 
pictured dog, she called Hershey and wrote the sad tail about.
She asked for donations and they kindly donated, following her link she posted which brought them to a chipin which processed through her paypal.  When they found out the truth that the dog Diana Peters posted was NOT Hershey from MDAS - but a dog in Georgia, they tried to get their money back.  Paypal denied the claim, stating it was NOT processed as a donation but a virtual sale, which is intangible goods.
WELL - I sure would say a FAKE is intangible as this dog did not have anything to do with Diana Peters, Death Row Dog Rescue.
With help it is being escalated, proof of the false claims are being sent to paypal.   I sure hope they pay attention and stop aiding this SCAMMER!

Death Row Dog Rescue - SCAMMING AGAIN

This past week has brought to light the disturbing 

low Diana Peters stooped to so she will get 

donations. She pulls at the kind peoples heart strings, 

and pocketbooks while she deceives them.  

PLEASE, do not stop donating to rescues if you read 

this and were scammed.  Just do your homework and 

research who you are sending your hard earned 

money to!  

Below please view a warning that was 

placed on Facebook about Diana Peters posting of the 

picture and asking for funds. The original photo 

posted in Turkey and copies  of her facebook page 

(screenshots to come)  for death row dog rescue 

where she stated she was feeding these dogs in South 

Florida, and how she needed donations so she can 

feed the dogs in Homestead.

To the people who view that photo please be aware that you should not give Death Row Dog Rescue any money. The photo was taken in Turkey and not Florida. The owner of Death Row Dog Rescue lied and claims she personally fed those dogs in Florida but another person posted under the photo a link to a turkish newspaper. The photo was posted ages ago on the turkish website so Death Row Dog Rescue could not have fed these dogs in Florida. The post by the honest individual was deleted by Death Row Dog Rescue but I took a screenshot and here is the link. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3AluwmLRebgb0J%3Awww.birlesikbasin.com%2Fbu-resim-turkiyeyi-aglatti-10545h.htm+&cd=230&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

To the people who view that photo please be aware that you should not give Death Row Dog Rescue any money. The photo was taken in Turkey and not Florida. The owner of Death Row Dog Rescue lied and claims she personally fed those dogs in Florida but another person posted under the photo a link to a turkish newspaper. The photo was posted ages ago on the turkish website so Death Row Dog Rescue could not have fed these dogs in Florida. The post by the honest individual was deleted by Death Row Dog Rescue but I took a screenshot and here is the link. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3AluwmLRebgb0J%3Awww.birlesikbasin.com%2Fbu-resim-turkiyeyi-aglatti-10545h.htm+&cd=230&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

                                                                                See ORIGNAL  picture belowR. 

When I lock eyes with an animal, I get a very special feeling. A feeling of total togetherness. Not animal to animal, not human to human, but a being to a being---Please help me to give them more than this bread (and he is the lucky one)--h...See More
Photo: When I lock eyes with an animal, I get a very special feeling. A feeling of total togetherness. Not animal to animal, not human to human, but a being to a being---Please help me to give them more than this bread (and he is the lucky one)--hundreds of these wonderful dogs and puppies are starving to death down in the Homestead fields, Florida--It takes money to feed them even cheap dog food but it will keep them alive until we can capture them and get them the right loving care--I need help to get them food--Please donate even $5.00 and I can buy big bags of food to get down to the starving ones--Thank you for sharing and showing you care--Diana Peters-954-626-0708
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Paula Smith Capps Roel thank you for helping Diana.
October 8 at 9:57pm · Like · 2
Kathleen Doyle Murphy Is there a link to donate
October 8 at 10:04pm · Like · 2
Linda Farris Holzberg where are you and are any of these dogs up for adoption?
October 8 at 10:48pm · Like · 2
Kate Woodroffe McMullen Diana Peters can you set up a chip-in or a link to donate please
October 8 at 11:17pm · Like · 2
Death Row Dog Rescue http://deathrowdogrescue.chipin.com/death-row-dog-rescue
October 9 at 12:56am · Like · 2
Paula Smith Capps This picture tears me up every time I look at that face. I just want to cuddle that sweet baby.
October 9 at 12:58am · Like · 4
Andy Coates awww...
October 9 at 1:03am · Like · 2
Kate Woodroffe McMullen Contributed - hope it helps x
October 9 at 2:46am · Like · 2
Victoria Clasby This photo broke my heart, no exaggeration. Those poor babies. Where do I donate at?
October 9 at 10:53am · Like · 2
Jason Hrnak Breaks my heart! My wife and I will make a donation today. Thanks for giving these dog a voice.
October 9 at 3:35pm · Like · 2
Shelly Stevens Wonder if a vet can come w or someone and help you capture them? What about a tranquilizer gun by a professional animal person
October 9 at 9:44pm · Like · 2
Death Row Dog Rescue No When I go to catch these scared abandoned dogs and puppies, I take fresh roasted chicken (nice and greasy) and usually they will go into the cage where the chicken is way in the back--this saves a lot of stress for everyone--Many times I just sit and they can smell the chicken I have in my hand and I gently put a leash on them--I studied under Cesar Millan's training and learned a life-time of knowledge from this man--Thank you all again for making it possible to for me to feed many of them today--My heart was booming on my way back from down south--With help we will keep this life-line of love going for them--Diana
October 9 at 10:35pm · Like · 3
Stephanie Weaver Bennett This pic makes me cry. Did you catch him? Whatever became of him/her?
Wednesday at 6:31pm · Like · 2
Stephanie Weaver Bennett That seems so strange to me, we have lots of stray cats by my house in PA, but they are pretty self-sufficient with hunting. I can't bear the thought of animals being hungry. Im too far away to help personally so hopefully my $ will help a little.
Thursday at 9:53am · Like · 2
Stephanie Weaver Bennett Ok i couldnt get the chip in site to work on my phone. Sending a check
Thursday at 10:08am · Like · 1
Mike Campbell I am thankful for my babies,,I have 2 that are pound rescue pooches,1 we have had for 9 years,,
Thursday at 9:58pm · Like · 1
Dora Atkinson Where can we send Donations?
7 hours ago · Like · 1
Brenda LovesAnimals Hemkes Where are these dogs located?
6 hours ago · Like
Death Row Dog Rescue Hello to all of the loving and caring people out there--I wanted to take a minute and clarify the above photo--This is an absolute perfect example of the dogs and puppies that are dumped down soputh Homestead--This dog in the picture I do not have but I am feeding dozens that do not even have this chunk of bread as this guy was lucky to get--I hope I did not give the opinion that this was one of my dogs--I will be getting a camera hopefully soon so I can post the dozens of abandoned dogs and pups that I am on a mission to feed and give them a chance to survive--A couple of nasty people made stupid remarks here and I would like to invite them to come with me on a trip down south and help me to feed the dogs and pups that look exactly like this guy in the photo but even worse--Julie, Barb P-please if you can not help the dogs --do not try to hurt the ones that are--Diana
4 hours ago · Like
Death Row Dog Rescue I would like to take a moment to clarify this photo-This is an exact example that is going on now in south Florida--This sweet boy is just one of so many that are in dire need of food--This picture of this one is from somewhere that truly shows the pain and suffering they go thru. I used it to show what is exactly happening to so many down south in Homestead Florida. This is an ongoing urgent situation here in Florida-Horrible people are just dumping dogs and puppies down south and not having any compassion for what is going to happen to them--There are people that step up and actually get in the car and drive down there and feed and catch these abandoned animals--Barb and Julie and Erin Crossposter Elizabeth--If you have any time soon to go with me and drive to south Homestead--I sure could use the "Hands On Help from you." instead of the nasty remarks from you--call me Erin-Julie or Barb-- if you would like to step up for these animals--954-626-0708 here is my #--Diana
4 hours ago · Like
Death Row Dog Rescue Yes it takes money to feed them-- http://deathrowdogrescue.chipin.com/death-row-dog-rescue
4 hours ago · Like · 1
Cheryl Woods I am Uk and would like to donate- what areas do you feed Death row dog Rescue? I help in Miami FL.
3 hours ago · Like
Kathy Rainbow Woosley Just to clarify for any one who wants it--when you repost mention upfront that this is not the picture of said dogs but until you get a camera you just wanted the need put out there--maybe try a disposable and develop at Walgreens with just a CD-----I've seen pictures and heard plenty of stories of the actual dogs down there, the abundance is shown with how many are put down all the time--everyone should do like you and do their best to help where they are at!
2 hours ago · Like · 1
Vero Iu Hi Diana, can I go whit you to feed these animals? I don't know where do you live, but if you live there must be hard for you, to look every day these dogs!! I live in kendal what about you??
2 hours ago · Unlike · 2
Death Row Dog Rescue I lived for 2 years in Homestead with the rescue and I have seen things no one would ever believe--and I would never want to post some of the photos from down there--I will take many more when I get a camera very soon-I am trying the best I can pretty much by myself to at least get food down there--Yes I would love to have help when going down south--Anyone that wants to sincerely help-my Phone # is again 954-626-0708
2 hours ago · Like
Christine's Rescue Page This picture is a dog NOT EVEN in the USA!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Kathy Brana This dogs are in Turkey
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Hilda Mueller People wake up! She's scamming you. This has been screen shot and will be given to authorities here in Florida. This is fraud! This picture was taken in turkey. You have been scammed!!!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4
Allie Tennant Wait a minute. This isn't Florida. I've seen this on my Turkish friend's wall. What's going on?
about an hour ago · Unlike · 5
Hilda Mueller http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Hilda Mueller She's scamming!!!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 2
Hilda Mueller Wake up people!!! Report!!! This is not in Homestead, FL this is in Turkey!!! She's using the picture.
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4
Debbie Beracha This photo was taken in Turkey, not Homestead, and 100+ Abandoned Dogs is the rescue helping to save the dogs in Homestead, NOT this page. Please be truthful.
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Allegedly Mary Tully "Please help me to give them more than this bread "--are you serious? I'm reporting this "rescue" for fraud. That's right, folks, soliciting donations for animals that you say are in your care but who aren't is fraud. Shameful.
about an hour ago · Unlike · 5
Debbie Beracha http://www.ripoffreport.com/animal-services/death-row-dog-rescue/death-row-dog-rescue-diana-pet-f7020.htm
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4
Debbie Beracha Donators beware !!!!!!!!!!!!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4
Hilda Mueller http://drdrisascam.blogspot.com/
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Allegedly Mary Tully You can start by reporting this "rescue" here:

about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Mary Lundberg Why post a picture of a dog in another country and not one of the many that you say you are rescuing?
about an hour ago · Unlike · 5
Allegedly Mary Tully Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau takes less than three minutes. Please. If you want to help animals, don't turn a blind eye to those who exploit them for money.

about an hour ago · Unlike · 3
Barbie de la Uz So tired of trying to bring these frauds down. Now they r in another county yet again. I demanded a mtg a few yrs ago with mdas admin n I spoke to them n they wished they could do something but when they tried to they moved out of Dade.. They could only ban them from mdas.. They fly under the radar!!!
51 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
Barbie de la Uz @Allegedley- have done it twice!
49 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
Allegedly Mary Tully "Report fraud. If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, report it. It’s one way to get even with a scam artist who cheated you. By reporting your complaint to 1-877-FTC-HELP or ftc.gov, you are providing important information to help law enforcement officials track down scam artists and stop them!"

If you have donated to this "rescue," you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and I encourage you to do that.

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Therese Fairbrother'xx This poor dog is in TURKEY this is a scam...shame on you...
43 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
Therese Fairbrother'xx REPORT THIS IS A SCAM... poor dog in pic...in TURKEY...
42 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
Vikki Allen If you are actually rescuing dogs in the Homestead area, why not post YOUR own actual rescue pictures?
42 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
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Kia Love To donate to an actual & reputable rescue in Homestead, FL: https://www.facebook.com/chainofloveabandoneddogsEvergladesHomestead
Chain Of Love Abandoned Dogs Everglades Homestead Fl Mirta's Resc Grp
To help, and rescue to safety abandoned, neglected, starving, abused dogs at th...See More
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24 minutes ago · Like · Remove Preview This rescue once again needs to be reported to authorities for fraud.

Monday, October 1, 2012

UPDATE - October 1, 2012

Many may be wondering what has been going on with Diana Peters, and Death Row Dog Rescue.  Here is an update .

Diana Peters was run out of Oakland Park FL ( she also referred to the location as Ft Lauderdale),  and got quiet for quite a few months why she reinvented herself.   She moved around south florida, then disappeared to Texas, where she was spotted selling furniture  through yard sales on craigslist.  from the ads appearance she was selling what she called new furniture, the same furniture she was selling in Florida and Miami Dade court records will show a agreement she made to no longer sell furniture illegally out of her residence. 

Diana Peters has been back, and active on facebook, begging for donations, getting dogs off of craigslist and begging for funds so she can care for them.
Any responsible rescue has the funds first.  She was caught posting a dog at the Humane Society stating she needed money to have it pulled. ( which she could not do, and the dog had a hold, anyways)  SCAMMER,  feel free to call the Humane Society,  they know her and do not care for her either. 

She moved to   2233 Fillmore St, Hollywood FL 33020 and is up to her same old behaviors.   She is being watched and being reported.

She has not updated her location on her facebook page.  She has not updated with the Florida Dept of State, the IRS, or the Department of Agriculture. 

Ms. Peters feels like she is entitled to live off of the donations and neglect dogs in the process.  She uses the animals, and uses the good people on facebook who are taken in by her sad stories.

She once again is posting things from years ago, like they are current, trying to appear like she is a big rescue.

Please use your common sense,  research and look into any rescue you donate money to.     BEWARE of Scammers that take advantage of kind hearts!