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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Testimonial From Sandra Dezelan - Davie

Dianna Peters and Terrance Rosenburg are total scam artists.

As soon as met them. I actually contacted my niece the assistant DA 

in Pittsburgh Pa., friend on the Delray Police Dept,paid to run a back

 ground check on both.Dianna Peters & Terrance Rosenberg,contacted 

the Broward, Dade, &  Breverd County Shelters to see what they knew of 

them.  I took a dog out of her place when she was in Davie with a 

broken pelvis.  My husband is a veterinarian and we paid for everything 

including  but not limited to ,digital xrays ,specialist veteranarian visits 2

 times, blood work,neuter,yearly vaccines,monthly flea & tick prevention,

heartworm prevention,etc until I adopted him out.  Then, I GAVE him to 

friend !!! 

Even though I am a rescue we got nothing back just satisfaction he was 

out of Dianna Peters hands!

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