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Friday, January 13, 2012

Proof Email - from Broward County Animal Care - NOT APPROVED

As everyone is aware, Diana constantly writes about how she 

personally saves dogs from the death row line and how we are 

lying when we write the state has banned her from pulling dogs 

from shelters. People previously posted proof that she is banned 

on Death Row Dog Rescue is a Scam face book page but here is 

yet another government employee's email stating that neither 

Diana nor her group, Death Row Dog Rescue, can pull a single 

dog from broward county. If you are not from Florida, that area 

includes Fort Lauderdale and many other areas. I got this email

today so it is current. Diana stop lying to your followers. They 

deserve better.


  1. It just says shes not licensed to pull a dog as a RESCUE.... the fraud part should have been investigated and squashed already.

  2. anonymous yes it should, but unfortunately many government officials do not place this top priority. She has been and continues to be reported, and her response is move with no forwarding address. this is her continued cycle, and it continues today.

    It is our hopes that she will get what is coming to her soon, and dogs and kind people who donate, will be protected from her cons.

    1. Anyone can call Broward County Care and Adoption, number above , and verify the facts about Diana Peters.
      When she stated on her facebook page she was saving a dog named Angel ( that she posted she had brought there, after saving her ) - now that did not make sense!
      She got donors to help pay for her to adopt Angel - as she can't pull dogs from Broward.
      She applied to adopt and not only did Marcy Perry at BCAC not let her adopt the dog Angel, She made the person who did adopt her sign a paper stating they were not giving the dog to Diana Peters, Death Row Dog Rescue.
      You took money for Angel. When BCAC received a complaint from one of your neighbors, you stated all the animals in your tiny apartment you rent (not a huge ranch like you pretend to have) were personal pets.
      She can't pull dogs from anywhere - she is not a 501c3. The only thing registering with the DOA does is give her the ability to solicit in Florida only. ( not to other states/countries via the internet)

      Anyone who believes her claims of being a credible rescue- should ask themselves if they think it is a red flag that a rescue can't pull or adopt a dog in the county they live in.