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Monday, October 1, 2012

UPDATE - October 1, 2012

Many may be wondering what has been going on with Diana Peters, and Death Row Dog Rescue.  Here is an update .

Diana Peters was run out of Oakland Park FL ( she also referred to the location as Ft Lauderdale),  and got quiet for quite a few months why she reinvented herself.   She moved around south florida, then disappeared to Texas, where she was spotted selling furniture  through yard sales on craigslist.  from the ads appearance she was selling what she called new furniture, the same furniture she was selling in Florida and Miami Dade court records will show a agreement she made to no longer sell furniture illegally out of her residence. 

Diana Peters has been back, and active on facebook, begging for donations, getting dogs off of craigslist and begging for funds so she can care for them.
Any responsible rescue has the funds first.  She was caught posting a dog at the Humane Society stating she needed money to have it pulled. ( which she could not do, and the dog had a hold, anyways)  SCAMMER,  feel free to call the Humane Society,  they know her and do not care for her either. 

She moved to   2233 Fillmore St, Hollywood FL 33020 and is up to her same old behaviors.   She is being watched and being reported.

She has not updated her location on her facebook page.  She has not updated with the Florida Dept of State, the IRS, or the Department of Agriculture. 

Ms. Peters feels like she is entitled to live off of the donations and neglect dogs in the process.  She uses the animals, and uses the good people on facebook who are taken in by her sad stories.

She once again is posting things from years ago, like they are current, trying to appear like she is a big rescue.

Please use your common sense,  research and look into any rescue you donate money to.     BEWARE of Scammers that take advantage of kind hearts!

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