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Monday, November 21, 2011

Testimonial From Brandie Gargasz ex-volunteer Davie

 I am an ex-volunteer of Diana's and DRDR. I worked with her for three months until I started witnessing dogs and puppies dying in her care after she refused to take them to the vet. The first time I met Diana at the Davie "ranch" my heart went out to her. I saw a woman who was frazzled and way in over her head and I wanted to help any way I could. I trusted her judgement because after all she was the "expert". During my time as a volunteer my brother and I payed for orkin to spray the grounds for fleas and ticks, put four new tires on her truck and had the oil changed, spent over three hundred dollars on cleaning supplies and I had also got her a FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR donation. Things started to go south after a beautiful little pup I named Bambi died. Bambi was pulled from MDAS and she was terrified. She spent the first few days hiding behind the toilet in Diana's home, Diana's way of quarantining!!! My heart broke for her and I spent about four hours the day I met her holding her and telling her all will be ok. Little by little she came out of her shell. She was a tiny frail little girl that resembled a small italian grey hound. The next day Bambi was spayed. I called to check on her and she said I was a miracle worker....Bambi was running around and playing with big boy Jake and is a different dog!!! I was elated but worried because she had just had surgery. Diana said she was fine. The next morning I called Diana to see how Bambi was doing and Diana was obviously stressed stating that she didn't know what to do when she woke up the bathroom floor was covered in blood from Bambi. I stressed to Diana to take her to the vet. I had to go into work but I offered to go in late and I would come pick up the baby if she needed me to. Diana assured me that Terry Rosenthall would take her. I begged her to keep me posted. I went to work relieved that Bambi would be ok. I tried calling Diana many times that day but she never answered. I found out from another volunteer at 9pm that night that Bambi passed away and Diana's house and she never took her to the vet. I sunk to the floor and broke into tears. When I questioned Diana about it she gave me the runaround. I asked which vet she went to and she said she didn't remember the name, she said it was just down the street. i asked to see the invoice and she changed the subject. She said the dog probably had parvo!!!!! I believe that poor angel was running around and playing rough the day of her surgery and tore internal sutures etc. If Diana would have taken her to the vet she would be alive and well today instead of bleeding out in a cold bathroom!!!!!! Which fate is worse???? MDAS or dying a slow painful death??????? I felt so betrayed by Diana's lies that I had to separate myself from her. She does not have the best interest of the dogs at heart. Out of the FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR check I handed to her none of the money went to the dogs!!!!!! I am still very upset about this....think about how many dogs those funds could have helped. Diana claims we are trying to ruin her "livelihood"!!!!! Really???? All the monies from donations go to Diana's rent, ciggs, wine etc. It's funny after I have her the large check I saw The huge bottles of wine on her kitchen table!!!!! Dogs were all getting sick, covered in fleas and ticks, dying and being buried in her back yard. Yes, I HAVE WITNESSED ALL OF THIS!!!!!! I have asked Diana many times to post vet records, vet bills, receipts for monies spent on dogs and she never responded. She only blocked me from her page for exposing her for what she is. A scam artist who works illegally and unethically! She needs to be stopped and I will continue to help in those efforts. There was a day I stood by her side, I even spoke on her behalf in court when her neighbors were trying to get her evicted....If I only knew now what I knew then. My heart still aches for the babies who died of internal bleeding, infections, distemper, parvo etc. ALL DENIED VET CARE AND BURIED IN THE BACK OF THE PROPERTY!!!!!!!! I hope you read this Diana.....I am so very ashamed of you and what you have done to these innocent angels!!!!!!!

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