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Monday, November 21, 2011

Testimonial From Anonymous (z) - Davie location

  • I do photography on the side and offered to come out to the ranch and take pics so they could have good updated pics of all the "adoptables". This was August 2010. I went with my husband and daughter who is 2 out to the ranch to take some pics. It was very very dirty. There were 20+ dogs running around outside in the yard. Lots of fighting and the pack was LOUD!! I was told the neighbors hated the ranch and they wanted it shut down. When you went inside there were dogs everywhere. every room had dogs in there. And the house was filthy. The day we were there, there were alot of volunteers trying to clean the place up. I went to the "office trailer" and there were small dogs in crates. It was very hot and dark in there. There were lots of dog fights when I was there, aggresive big dogs with tiny small dogs all fighting over food bowls. I took some pics of the dogs outside, but it was so dirty and disgusting I had to get my daughter out of there she had flea bites all over her.

  • I went back later that week because I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. I entered thru the gate and immediately saw an adorable dog. He was very thin and he hadn't been there the week prior. he followed me everywhere. I asked Diana about him and she didn't have much info on him, she said he was saved at Miami Dade the day prior. He had Terrible Kennel Cough, his nose was dripping with green mucous. He had poop all over him. I offered to foster him but was concerned because I had a cat at home and was told he was ok and not contagious. Being somewhat uneducated in dog illnesses I believed her. She told me to take the dog home. She didn't know me at all, actually I don't even think she knew my last name or had a phone number. I asked for the dog to be hosed off because he was full of poop and I didnt want to put him in my husbands company car like that but She said she didn't have time for that. I put him in my car and went home. When my husband saw him I thought he was going to die. He was covered in poop, fleas, and ticks. There were fleas and ticks hopping off him. We didn't even realize till after we gave him a bath that he was recently neutered and he was so filthy there were ticks and poop all over his surgery. It was oozing and disgusting. It took about 9 baths to remove all the ticks. Meanwhile, our house got infiltrated with fleas and they started to bite us all over. Our house cat who has an allergy to flea bites had to go to the vet to get medicine because her skin was sore and oozing.
  • The dog kept sneezing and it seemed to get worse, we called Diana and she said he was probably ok but she must have forgotten to give the meds she started him on. She didn't even know which dog we had. We brought him to our vet and got him antibiotics and he was better in a few days. He still had tick issues, it took weeks to get them off.
  • Sadly, we are honest people and sent her $100 for the dog after she told me we owed money to adopt him, she told us that if we didnt want to adopt him to bring him back to the ranch or pay for him because there were other people wanting to adopt him. At that point he was a member of our family and we were never gonna give him back, but I would never go back to that place.   I cut all ties after this!!

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