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Monday, November 21, 2011

Here is What Dog Lovers are saying about Diana Peters !

Below please read just a few of the comments gathered from

 the scam page, and other spots across the internet about Diana 

Peters and Death Row Dog Rescue.  These statements and 

opinions should not be ignored or overlooked.   


Diana Peters keeps trying to claim saving dogs for donations that she has nothing to do with!!! A friend of mine went there last year to become a volunteer. There was a dog curled up in a corner sick and she felt so bad she asked if she could foster. She then asked if the dog was on medication. Diana handed her three different bottles of meds with different names on them. When this volunteer tookthe dog to the Vet {with the three bottles of meds the Vet told her if she would have given this combination of medication the dog would be dead! People have also seen dead dogs on her property. Diana recently used pictures from the 100+ abandoned dogs of the Everglades page claiming she rescued them and asked for donations


 I operate a rescue of my own and organizations like this really get me because it makes us all look bad, I also worked at a vet that saw a lot of her sick dogs that were adopted and even a few we had to euthanize because they ended up having parvo and owners did not have money to pay the large bill right after getting the dog

Comments: I used to volunteer at Death Row Dog Rescue and personally witnessed Ms. Peters self-treating dogs with expired vaccines. I also witnessed puppies come to her "rescue" off the street and go to an adoption event the very same day - no vetting, no quarantine. And never any home checks or real, thorough reference checks before adopting out a dog. God help Ms. Peters see the error in her ways and help those poor dogs!

If the Florida D of A won't shut this operation down, then perhaps this petition should also go to the state's attorney general. This is fraud, involves interstate commerce, and is an animal cruelty case on a large scale. How can it be so ignored?

2010 , While I was volunteering for DRDR I invited the whole "committee" to my home.  My husband and I would have a brunch and we would hash out what needed to be changed with running DRDR. Minutes were taken, agendas were written, tutorials were passed out to help with the web site and facebook page. RULES were implemented, policies were put in place.  The committee consisted of 8-10 wonderful young professionals that dedicated their time and efforts in helping Diana Peters mission.  We tried to make thing better for the sake of the dogs, we were always hitting a road block--that road block was Diana Peters.   Pulling a dog from a shelter is the easy part. It's the aftercare of the animal that is costly. Dogs need to be vetted, treatment regimens are prescribed. Food, monthly medication--that all takes money! Money that was donated to Death Row Dog Rescue, those poor animals never saw those funds. The dogs are the ones that supported the human financailly. Isn't suppose to be the othere way around?


Sounds exactly what I put together for her back in 2009. Brought in a team of individuals, (attorneys, paralegals, professional people) to help her get organized as a "business"/ corporation, legal, with the best interest on the animals, but of course, it was a waste of time, and as much time and effort we put into her, it never happened. This lady is just out of her mind.

  Nov 21, 2011  Comments: If you have numerous accusations against the way you treat animals, YOU ARE GUILTY, unless you can absolutely prove otherwise. YOUR WORD alone isn't enough. If you cannot give animals proper vetting, GET OUT OF RESCUE.

She's been posting pictures of dogs that she states she has in her home, then begs for donations. It's been proven over and over that she's lying and the dogs are actually still at shelters, however, she's still taking donations. None of the money is going to the dogs care. When she does re-home a dog, she's do...ing so without them being vetted and the money she receives she pockets. She's been banned from most of the shelters in that area and thanks to wonderful, caring people, hopefully she'll be stopped. Please repost, or go to her page and report her page as a scam. She's taking money from all over the country.

I am still researching this, but I wanted to make it clear that Urgent Dogs of Miami has NOT given permission for the use of our images to Diana Peters. BTW this is MK from UDOM.

 She admitted right on the radio show that she was giving shots to the puppies...that's admission..it's not an accusation at this point, it's fact...

Death row dogs owner needs to be arrested for fraud. I saw with my own eyes she was asking people to chip in for a mom and puppies that she had in boarding. It was a LIE those puppies were at chipley Fl. shelter and she had nothing to do with them. She was NOT rescuing adopting or fostering that family what so ever!!! She never called the shelter at all about those dogs.SHE STOLE THEIR MONEY PEOPLE WERE DONATING FOR THAT FAMILY TO SAVE THEIR LIFE!!! She is a scam POS and needs to be stopped!!! She needs to be arrest for internet Fraud!!
That is horrible that someone would take money from these poor lost furrry friends and use is for their own. It is beyond disgusting to me.  The animals deserve better -Much Better, TY for the info.

I am floored that this has been going on as long as it has!!! It is hard to fathom how many dogs suffered and died in her care :( I adopted my love Buppo from her this past January when I was volunteering and I never got a straight answer where he and his litter mates came from. Once she said gas shelter in Georgia then she said South Carolina. I helped bathe all six pups and fell in love. She never took any of them to the vet and didn't quarantine from the rest of the pack. I took him to my vet and told them to treat as if he were a stray even though Diana said she gave them vaccines and dewormer. ALL OF THE MEDS SHE ADMINISTERED TO THE DOGS AND PUPS WERE EXPIRED AND DONATED!!! She had no right self medicating the animals.

 on Nov 19, 2011    This must stop. It's not only the scamming of goodhearted people, it's the neglect and abuse of innocent animals. STOP DEATH ROW DOG RESCUE - STOP DIANA PETERS!!!

KR :

Diana is also trying to profit of our project 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida using pictures of the dogs we have rescued and paid for vetting, and collecting donations on them.

 She is stealing from dying dogs and that is one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard of and needs to be stopped now. How many are they going to let her kill before they stop her?

Anyone who posts pics of other rescue dogs claiming they are hers and seeking donations is a criminal.

 on Nov 19, 2011         Please don't let this one person take away so much from the animals that need it the most. Shame on this person, Diana Peters. There are no words to say how despicable she is.

My friend rescued a dog from Diane earlier this year. Diane lied about the dog's weight, saying she was 40 lbs, when in fact she was over 75 lbs, then lied and said she was good with cats. My cousin paid the adoption fee and had the dog flown across country to her home. Diane called her numerous times, harassing her, telling her she needed to pay "more money", etc. and began to threaten her. Diane had the dog less than 48 hrs before shipping her out - had no idea about her temperament, which wasn't a very good one. The dog harmed her cat and other animals and had to be re-homed. This POS needs to be shut down now.

Diana had NOTHING to do with this dog, who was actually RESCUED on NOVEMBER 3RD!!! She posted him as though he was in the shelter about to be killed; and when I simply stated that he was rescued/adopted weeks back, she DELETED IT! I'm sorry, but if you have nothing to hide, why would you delete that and allow those people to think that he had just been rescued?!

I have compared posts of animals that have been reported by other groups as being their dogs, not DRDR's. From all appearances, they are correct. I found several dogs posted as "Incoming dogs" that were posted on other groups as their rescue or as already adopted. I also contacted the shelter where Diana purported to have a relationship with a specific person, no such person has ever worked there. In addition, I contacted the Florida offices about her purported non- profit status. I also contacted the IRS. There is no 501c3 in her name or any her known aliases nor is there one registered under DRDR or any variation thereof (for example: Death Row Dog Rescue Inc.) There is also no record of an active registration of a non- profit group under Diana's name, known aliases or DRDR or it's variants. The only thing even close is a withdrawn application for a group called Death Row Dogs Rescuing People in 2004 and they were from Indiana. Why do I care? Because when problems like this come to light, good rescues suffer. Someone has already said they are going to be more careful about contributing. That could mean that they are going to do due diligence, but it could also mean that they are going to stop contributing all together. This also provides ammunition for those that wish to paint ALL rescue with the same brush and argue that rescues are only fronts for hoarders and other criminal activity. This does nothing but hurt the efforts of all those that want our country to become a "No- Kill Nation" as that dream is simply not possible without rescue groups. Finally I have sent private e-mails asking for copies of vet receipts or a contact number to verify her side of the story, she has never responded. I have sent 5 e-mails. I am not on the side of those here, I am not on Diana's side, I am on the animals' side. So far I have gotten nothing but transparency and factual and verifiable information from this group. Diana has provided me with no evidence beyond "I say so." I am happy to look at any and all evidence she can provide, she has chosen not to do so.
CC :
  on Nov 19, 2011     She is stealing the fund that are meant for these innocent dogs and she is costing them their lives. Please help stop her before she can kill anymore

 on Nov 21, 2011  Comments: Here I speak of personal experience regarding Ms. Peters’ questionable and unlawful activities concerning the exploitation of orphaned companion animals for personal gain, not once but twice whereas she, in my opinion fraudulently used our online posted photos with her narrative of our rescued puppies for her personal $ gain. Recently in both incidences, Diana Peters claimed two litters to be in her care (false) while using her fundraising link on face book (Chip-in) to collect donations from the public. She collected money from the public under the guise of “care for animals” which were not in her possession as she alleges, but in ours. Ms. Peters is said to be known to practice this false fundraising and other versions of similar acts as a means to support her lifestyle of unemployment and alcohol consumption in the name of “animal rescue”. It is of my opinion her recent actions were not only deceptive and illegal, and continue to speak to her lack of ethical and moral standings. There have been allegations stating numerous occasions where she neglected needy animals in her care while she falsely claimed to be a 501c3 status charitable organization to collect donor funds. Again it is said that she used the monies for her own use while animals suffered from treatable disease(s) while some even perished in her home. This was said to have happened several times by eyewitnesses. These accusations if proven to be true are subject to (Animal Cruelty; according to State and Federal Laws) jail time; 4 years per count and fines if found guilty. I believe based on my above personal experience and what I have read lately there is substantial evidence with proof to move forward legally. These accusations should be investigated by law enforcement and the IRS. If an investigation concludes that she is found to be guilty in a court of law, those of us “in the know” would ask for no less than the maximum penalty to be imposed. A person of questionable character leading to accusations of exploiting animals for monetary gain should not be allowed to work with animals until this person is fully vetted to satisfy all questions and doubt. To me her actions speak of animal abuse and/or neglect and I cannot be silent if I feel I have cause to question her motives; I do. I am speaking for myself however I know many others also feel that Diana Peters is a habitual offender when it comes to, at the very least, deceiving the public. Check her name in other county court dockets and you may come to the same conclusion. .

Nov 18, 2011   Diana Peters operates an illegal, immoral, unethical dog rescue. She is not registered with the FL. Dept of Agriculture to solicit donations. She spends donations on herself, not the dogs. Dogs are not vetted or properly quarantined to prevent the spread of disease.   Many dogs have died, that could have survived with proper vetcare. Many dogs were  vetted by others after Diana Peters denied them care.  This should not be happening.  She has admitted time and time again she uses donations to support herself, and that she feels she can treat a dog as well as any vet. She has been caught scamming facebook friends out of donations under the guise she has a dog, or needs donations for a certain purpose - collects donations and is just pimping a dogs picture and sad story to benefit herself.  
Diana Peters is a cyber bully. she has bullied myself, my husband, my child and many others. I have plenty of police reports for i was in fear of this lunatic, but still i did not back down. I did do the right thing and continue to report her to the proper authorities and I joined others on facebook in an attempt to stop it all. dogs should not suffer, and people should not be scammed out of money. so lies she and her daughter tells... are just words!


This has been an ongoing pattern of Ms. Diana Peter all along. She pulls at the heartstrings of well intentioned people and takes credit for things she had nothing to do with. She does this to keep her accolades up, her fan base going, and of course, to keep the donations coming in. Here is a photo that has made the rounds as a symbol to some, due to its poignancy. Ms. Peters took it a whole lot further. Ms Peters says "Here is one we did get out alive and now he is the happiest dog ever!! Let's keep saving more!! We are the miracle workers for them! Love Diana" ..........and then 121 misled people 'liked' her post and dozens more commented.
This dog was NOT rescued by DRDR or Ms. Peters.  
Ms. Peters, while taking false credit for saving this dog, obviously had no more clue as to his fate ...(quoted as now being "the happiest dog ever" ) than she has of the fate of the hundreds of dogs who walked off her property with the first person cash in hand. It is well attested to by many that there was no real application process and so long as you paid the money, you were considered a "qualified, loving home"   

Diana only posted her name and her words on the photo, had nothing to do with this dog or her sister. Shame on you Diana. I guess everybody should put their own words on the photo, so Diana cannot copy and type her name on there, how unbelievable.

on Nov 18, 2011    WE need to make the Public aware of this scam artist. I am one of the ex volunteers that witnessed deploable conditions, dogs running in great numbers all over the 1/2 acre of land in Davie. Would bring dogs in over the State line from Rome, Georgia. Adopt out puppies and dogs that were sick, flea and tick infested. Sees the animals as $$$$ signs. She solicits donations on Facebook. Diana Peters posts dogs that are not witin her care,, scamming htose that believe her from all around the USA and Worldwide. She is not a 501c3, but claims to be. This woman needs to be stopped. Dept. of Agriculture take notice and stop this woman from scamming innocent dog lovers from all over the USA and Worldide.

 so many have tried  ... it disgusts me the time, energy, and money that has been spent by people like myself that TRIED to help Diana. You fall for her BS and you work hard to 'make things right' , and better for the dogs sake. It's futile. it is like helping an addict. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themself.
I used to believe her heart was in the right place, she was just not organized, scattered, overwhelmed. - over time I saw the truth... it along with the lies was just a smokescreen covering her Con. Disgusting.


 The dog was given to me without even having my name or phone number


And she claims no dogs in her care have gone to an adoption event without getting vaccines. PLEASE believe that I've personally SEEN puppies come in one day and get bathed and rushed off to an adoption event the very same day. She's careful to say "vaccines" instead of "vetted" because she would self-treat them with expired vaccines (yes - she's admitted she uses expired vaccines). Call me a "perfectionist" but wouldn't puppies that just got brought in off the street (NOT from a shelter) need to be quarantined and examined by a vet and not merely self-treated by Diana before they're taken to adoption events?! Sorry, the only "proof" I have is my own eyes witnessing this...and that's the most convincing proof I'll ever need.


This Diana is NOT a rescuer! Anyone can remove dogs from animal control, and EVERY 501c takes the dogs they take on, to a vet! How do you sleep at night when you take distemper puppies on and do not get them the care they need Diana? You make me sick to the core! You took away the peace of humane euthanization, opting to let these dogs languish in filthy conditions it's beyond disgusting and in my opinion and verges on abuse! You are not a vet. You had no business keeping them. Its not a hard call.  All of this BS places such a black eye on rescue, You should be ashamed of yourself! My god, this is so far away from whats right or best for these animals, it makes me sick!

She claims some of the dogs are "happier" outside and she has a crew of dogs that stay outside 100% of the time and are not allowed insdie (more big dogs than small). I am not saying what I have heard I am saying what I have seen and what I know.  
this because she hired me to start IV's and start parvo treatments etc and 1... she never paid me like we agreed and 2. she adopted the sick pups anyway. She keeps sick dogs with kennel cough and parvo in the same areas and doesnt have proper quarentine areas when the dogs are sick.  She has adopted out sick puppies with parvo

 I adopted a puppy from Ms. Peters in July of 2009. He had severe psychological issues from his time spent at her "ranch" as well as serious medical conditions, which if caught early, would've saved me and my family not only a lot of money, but a lot of grief. My husband and I were at odds for a long while because of the condition of our new puppy shortly after we welcomed him into our home; my children were affected also having to see their new best friend, who shouldve been rolly and polly, playful, and full of life, in the state he was in. I had to limit their interactions with him to the point where there was no joy in having him for any of us. Today, he is healthy and well-adjusted and we've finally gotten his severe skin issues under control. It took 2 years! If my story could save another family, someone else's children from the heartache that mine had to endure, then I'm going to tell it 'til I'm blue in the face. 

I think we should start a chip-in to collect funds to purchase Diana Peters a soul, a conscience, integrity and honesty - she seems to be lacking in all of them!

 Many of us are ex-volunteers of Death Row Dog Rescue and have witnessed her neglect and lies first hand. We are not speculating or spreading vicious lies. We are a group of dog lovers who are trying to put an end to Diana Peters' lies and unethical treatment of dogs and puppies in her "care".


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  2. Diana Peters please NOTE - your lies and vicious attacks as well as your soapbox preaching of how wonderful you 'say' you are- and everyone else just is a liar - are not welcome on this blog. this is for the truth not your twisted drama or libel.
    If you have proof of anything please feel free to post FACTS and Proof. remember: this page is for informational purposes only.
    thank you.