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Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 2012 - Hollywood, FL location Death Row Dog Rescue

                                                  New Location  

Diana Peters is running Death Row Dog Rescue at a new location at 2233 Fillmore St ,  Hollywood, FL.  

Yet, again she is operating a business in a residential neighborhood which it is not zoned for.  This puts every dog she puts on the property in danger! This is a code violation and one that she continues to rack up every city she moves to.
Everytime she gets in hot water with the cities, the DOGS are in danger of going to local animal control BCAC in Broward County.   Other groups should not have to keep coming forward to re-rescue dogs out of her care to protect them from going to animal control.  Diana posts for donations, and gets quite a bit of money with her false posts - the rescues that come in and clean up her mess do not get a thing from Ms. Peters but big costs as they end up vetting and caring for the dogs she claims to save.

She has called it her new huge location, her new RESCUE RANCH.    I do believe Ms. Peters is yet again trying to decieve those people who are scattered all over the world and are on her facebook page.

When facebook page Dog Rescues-The Good-The Bad- and The Ugly of South Florida posted Death Row Dog Rescues business address,  Diana Peters attacked them on her page calling them liars and haters, that little half a cottage is NOT where she lives.  


Confusing,  she posted that address for people to send their checks to her,  she updated sunbiz with it as being the actual businss address - Who is lying ?

DIANA PETERS -  again! 



There is No Big Ranch,  she shares a split 954 sq ft 1940's cottage.   Truely does the size matter ?  NO   But if you are portraying yourself as running a rescue out of a RANCH,  then yes, yes it does. 

Diana Peters, you need to stop lying to rake in donations.  She has already admitted on last years radio blog  that she lives entirely on donations.  To the state of Florida she states she does not take a paycheck. 

You decide, who just is telling the truth!  The facts are out there for everyone to see!


  1. Diana Peters is in partnership with a mentally ill sociopath named Terry Rosenberg, who is a disbarred lawyer who served time in prison for foreclosure fraud. He possesses a foreclosed house in Miami Beach on Palm Island that he uses to house some of their dogs there without electricity (no A/C in the sweltering heat), and the water has been turned off as well. It has been observed that several are chained to the kitchen counter and they can often go for days w/o food or water. Death row Dog Rescue is banned in Dade County from adopting animals so he picks up dogs off of Craigslist from unsuspecting victims, where the dogs are used and abused with out any control. Several months ago, the neighbors are pretty certain that he killed one of the dozen dogs housed there on Palm Island with a chain saw. The neighbors have tried to shut him down by getting the police involved as well as code enforcement to no avail since with out a search warrant, no one can get in and verify the numerous complaints against him. Obviously, he doesn't answer the door when law enforcement shows up.

  2. For some reason, the police in Broward County, as well as Miami Dade, don't seem too particularly interested in these people who are make a living off of the misfortune of any animal that happens to come in contact with them. They are committing internet fraud as well as torturing animals. Why the feds haven't shut them down is beyond me. And they manage to get people to volunteer to help them!! I rescued one of their rescues from their torturous hands and they came after me for several weeks threatening me and badmouthing me all over Facebook. They don't rescue animals, they sell them...sometimes over and over again!

  3. These people are fantastical and crazy. Diana Peters stole my animal from a dog park because she thought he would "show well". Totally, nuts and money driven ! The "rescue" now occupies 1/2 of a duplex in Hollywood, Florida. There is barely space for a single pet. Yet, Peters pens the animals and chains them. A sad sad situation