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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Rescue Isn't Rescue - by Theodora DeBarbieri

When Rescue Isn't Rescue by Theodora DeBarbieri, Waterbury Animal Welfare Examiner   (this article was shared from Facebook)

Animal rescue is a very emotionally charged thing. Seeing the faces, reading the bios and actually meeting the animals who are on death row can be absolutely heart wrenching. The odds are against these animals, and often there is a frenzy to try and save them as their time draws near.

Placing any animal needs to be done with discretion, whether is it a foster or an adoption. It isn't enough to take an animal in just because it would have been killed in a shelter. In the wrong hands, an animal can suffer a fate worse than death and too often no one will ever know about it.

If the animal is going to be bred, sold for bait, if there are already too many animals in the home it goes to, if there is no money for timely and proper veterinary care or even to buy enough food, if an animal is going to live in a crate or be subjected to other aggressive pets' attacks and in the case of a foster improperly networked and placed in yet another irresponsible environment or dumped at a different shelter: how is that considered rescue?


There have been alot of bad things happening to local shelter animals lately and it needs to stop. Those without adequate knowledge and experience should not try to broker foster homes and adoptions. People who cannot and will not properly care for an animal and ensure its well being have no business taking possession of that animal.

There is no other feeling in the world like knowing that you have helped to save an animal's life, but for it to be valid it has to be done in the best interest of the animal, not for some sense of feeling like a hero or a desire to be pat on the back for your involvement. What kind of hero are you if the animal is neglected, abused and/or ends up dead?

The dog pictured in this article is the most recently discovered to have been placed in an unfit environment. Fortunately, he is now in good, loving and responsible hands and receiving much needed medical attention for the abuses he has suffered. To read his full story and donate to his care and recovery, visithttp://helprudolf.chipin.com/rudolf

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