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Monday, December 5, 2011

Questions to Diana Peters and her answers

Multiple times Nancy as well as others have asked Diana Peters questions about her procedures of rescue ,  etc.

Posted on the DRDR scam page on facebook today was the following from Nancy keep reading down for Diana Peters answers posted by Jacqueline.

Will ANYONE who isn't blocked by Diana, PLEASE ask her these questions for me? I'm blocked, and of course, didn't get any sort of a response, even though SHE asked for questions to answer! 

Diana, I'm writing you here since you've blocked me from the DRDR page (for no reason as I never personally attacked you or said nasty things to/about you). Here are some questions I'd like you to answer, since you're so willing to "clear things up:"

1. What is your procedure for bringing in new dogs to the rescue? (I ask because in my time at the ranch, there was NO procedure. Dogs were brought in and immediately ran around with the rest of the dogs on the property, effectively putting all dogs on the property at risk).

2. What is your process for homing a dog, in detail (i.e. how do you check references, do you do home checks, etc.)? (I ask because I personally witnessed multiple times dogs going home with NO home checks and poor (if any) reference checks-I was asked to do some of those reference checks when I had no prior rescue experience and no training.)

3. You attended one adoption event in the 4 months I volunteered there, so how could you personally make sure each dog went to a loving forever home when you don't even know the people who "adopted" your dogs? ("adopted" is in quotation marks because it was more of a buying experience - if someone had the cash, they got a dog.)

4. Why do you blame this page and the ex-volunteers who started this page for your not being able to pull "death row dogs" when you've been banned from Miami-Dade Animal Services for years (and well before this page started)?

If I get sound, logical responses to those four questions (not lies), I'll "unlike" this SCAM page....but if history proves accurate, she won't even acknowledge this post.

    • Jacqueline Winkelman Diana Peters

      Good afternoon, Nancy--I will be very happy to answer the questions you wrote here:
      1. Well my proceedure was pretty simple--The dog was in the Line at Miami Dade and within an hour or even less most often the dog was going to be dead. Let's start there first-I would receive numerous calls-emails begging for me to take this particular dog in before and there were no other Rescues, Fosters even the boarding places generally were full so I took them rather than to let the dog die. Most of them have Kennel Cough so no big deal with the proper anti-biotics and tons of exercise good food they all most all get over it within a few days. The other dogs pretty much were over the Kennel Cough and had all of their vaccines-Once they have their vaccines and if they have already had Kennel Cough they do not get it again. Secondly, I would have to have kennels made and totally seperate from any of the others which basicly I would only be able to have maybe 5 to 6 rescues if I wanted to isolate each one when they come in. When a person takes their dog to a Vet and they are sitting in the waiting room with many other dogs-what do you think the Vet does>> Have completely seperate waiting and examining rooms for each and every dog. If the dogs have had their vaccines, the chances are extremely slim they will catch anything from the others.
      2.-If the place was absolutely perfect Oh Yes home visits are wonderful. I had the Darcy group which included Teressa, Valerie Gloria and a couple of others that at the intense meetings we had--they committed with their honor and love for saving dogs thatt hey would do the proceedures such as referenses checked before the dog leaves-the adoption contract is pretty detailed and these committed volunteers were supposed to do a follow up after the dog was adopted within about a week later to see if their were any issues-If you were helping at these adoption events-did you check the referenses? Nothing is perfect by no means--but death was the only other option for these dogs and puppies-
      3.-No My Dear friend I never left the property-Not to go to a beauty shop-not to go see my family over the Holiday's not to even go to the store--I could not leave the property--I trusted the Darcy group of committed volunteers to make sure the references were hecked-after every event I would go over everything with them pertaining to the adopters-
      4-Well for starters-the 2 volunteers that really did start these lies and destruction were caught stealing-2 witnesses saw them first hand--Secondly so many just Opinions have been thrown out there witrh No Proof submitted-Just like your comment that I am banned from Miami Dade--I can see you did not read the postings I put there explaing about how many Rescues were suspended and why--and my nose to nose meeting with Dr. Pizano--I was never suspended from there for I was never registered as a 501C3 with them-How can you suspend someone that was never even registered with them except as a puller for other 501C3 groups--I will send more info to you if you need--Thank you for caring-If you want to really know the truth--I suggested a Pollygraph test to see who is lieing and who is the thief---Diana

I am not sure if she actually answered all questions as she did not refer to the present but only to Davie.  She is operating in Oakland Park, FL.    There has been proof presented that I saw not just opinions.  You be the judge!   questions will be brought to this post along with Diana's answers.  If you have a question for Diana Peters please feel free to leave it in a comment.

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