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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Facebook Post from previous Death Row Dog Rescue, Davie location

Death Row Dog Rescue is a SCAM facebook page

'via Blog this'

This is a  post from DP's previous landlord, Mr. MacDonald:

Charles Mac Donald Very interesting page , very organize , Hi I am the land lord < that is loosing the property because , Death row does not pay rent and avoids answering the phone< I am the land Lord that went to court to help death row from being evicted by the city of Davie , I am the land lord that have gone out of the way to help... Diane, and finally after many calls she completely avoids taking responsibility for her action , I am the land lord that has lower the rent to accommodate her.
She love animals but cannot stand humanity… something wrong here … Diana call your land Lord , pay your rent or move out!.Its the right thing to do!. You cannot expect to be bless and consistency live a life of lies and wrong doing. What you plant your will reap . it’s the law. CMC
· · about an hour ago ·

    • Ms. Peter's, stop this insanity and shut down your "rescue". We won't "get tired" like you stated on your page, until we see to it that you're illegal activities cease.

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