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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Testimonial from A.B. (an ex-volunteer) - DRDR Davie Location

Below please find testimonial from A.B. - a concerned
 ex - volunteer. 

Diana Peters is definitely not in her "right mind". I volunteered 

there for awhile and saw many disheartening things go on. 

Filthy, dog feces and urine through the house, fleas, ticks 

infested dogs. And I also saw her pleas go out to everyone for 

medicine and if anyone could spare any or get it from their vets 

office. There was a small black and white puppy there in the 

back shed/office that she was medicating saying he has kennel 

cough, then pneumonia. She was self medicating and he was 

never seen by a Vet. Needless to say, he died and maybe could 

have been helped with the right care by a Vet which Diana is 

definitely NOT!!! This is not the only case I have seen.Her 

answers were always that there was nothing more that a Vet 

could do for them then she could. There was always a "pull fee" 

required for each dog she adopted out. This was not an adoption 

fee, as these dogs/puppies were never given shots nor were 

they micro chipped as she claimed..I took home one of her dogs 

as a foster, who just had just recently came from MDAS and 

recently had puppies and was just spayed and she had horrible 

kennel cough and had no energy, and always stayed by herself 

in the back shed.

I took her home to foster her and never brought her back! This 

caused a big problem late at night with Diana calling and 

threatening me for the $100.00 "pull fee" and how she was 

coming to take the dog. Good luck as you never got any 

paperwork from me so therefore have no clue where I took 

her!! She would call late at night and rant and rave over the 

$100.00....she sounded either drunk or disoriented and was a 

cursing screaming loon..  Any other volunteers out there from 

when she moved to the Davie address from Miami?  I don't 

recognize any names. I guess everyone that was there when I 

was, is not longer associated with her...Imagine that?!  I was 

there with Domino, Walter,Gwinny, Odie, and so many others. 

Including this nasty man named Terry who also did not vet his 

dogs and brought a large long haired white dog there that 

definitely needed medical attention..Needless to say, I still have 

my sweetie and I love her and would never give her up!!!

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